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Preparing Your Home for Those Seasonal Changes.

As the year flies by quicker than we can blink, it’s more important than ever to make sure our homes are well prepared. With hotter summers and colder winters upon us, there are different measures we can take to prep our homes in good time. These preparations can not only make things a lot easier and bearable in the varying months, but they can also be a good money-saving tactic too. 

Waking up to a cold house, torrential downpour or in an unbearable sweat is something that can be addressed. Both inside and outside your home can suffer when the weather changes hit, so getting prepared in advance can save time, money and a little bit of sanity! From teaming up with Rix, family-run fuel and heating oil suppliers, we bring you some tips on how to prepare your home for those sometimes-unpredictable seasonal changes. 

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Bearded Man.

Buying gifts for the special man in your life is never easy. Unlike women, who head towards every birthday with a long list of gifts they’ve likely been curating for the best part of a year, when it comes to men, finding the perfect present is so much more difficult. 

Annoyingly so, they are more likely to simply buy what they need, when they need it, instead of waiting for an occasion. This can leave you racking your brains and frantically browsing online when a birthday or anniversary comes around. But, there is a solution! 

Wedding Dress Advice for Pregnant Brides.

When a bride is pregnant, whether the reveal was before or after the proposal, the main concern will always be the dress. Baby bump or not, every bride should feel special when donning their bridal gown. Some brides speed up the wedding date in order to tie the knot before a baby belly is visible, while others wait until the baby is born. Alternatively, many brides choose to embrace the bump and plan their wedding day around the arrival of their child to make it a proper family affair. Whatever your choice, there are always going to be unique challenges facing a pregnant bride.

So, buckle up brides…