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Azlan's First Ever LEGO set.

This is a paid advertorial with Tesco. 

Over the past few years, Legos have always come up in conversations around birthdays, Christmas and Eid. But I have been quietly ignoring the small requests. Mainly, due to the fact, that I am always scared that they might end up ledged in his throat (like one of the scrabble pieces got stuck in Marcel the Monkeys throat in Friends), up until two days back. Tesco reached out and asked if we would like to review the Lego UniKitty sets, I took up on the offer and I now wonder why had I put it off for so long? 

5 Authentic tips for new Bloggers.

This article is probably a drop in the ocean full of blogging tips on the internet.. but hey, anything to help, right?

So I usually get a tonne of questions regarding blogging and how to get started and mainly how to start earning from blogging?

When I started blogging, I was one of those people who used to think, oh how hard can blogging be? I am just going to sit at home, edit pictures and write whatever I feel best and then earn some money. Nope nope nope. The first and foremost step to blogging is getting that thought right off your mind and get a clear space to what blogging actually is. Yes, I like to earn in the sanctuary of my own home but it hasn't always been easy. It is not a regular job where you can quit at 6pm and then just switch your laptop off and join in with your family. No. When you are blogging, social media is your life. It's your job. It's 24/7. And trust me, it gets so frustrating that you just want to quit but slow and steady always wins the race. Although sometimes you might need to up your game though lol.

5 Tips to Wake up with Clear Skin Every Morning.

I will literally just get straight to the point. No fads, No bullshit. I am sure you must have read so many articles and tried so many DIYs to fix those skin issues but they persist. But many people tend to forget to go to the root of what to do to get clear skin. They forget that to achieve clear skin, you can't just do overnight treatments or fortnight treatments. It is a lifelong process. To achieve clear skin for the rest of your life, you have to work for it.

Here are my favourite tips and tricks that have worked out for me massively. Please note that you cant do much with hormonal acne. It will appear when your hormones are in a twist. You can work towards reducing it. But you can't actually end it.

1. Sanitisation.