4 Top tips on buying a Used Car.

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When you start adulting, you suddenly have to make big decisions in life. Buying a house, starting a job, creating perfect relationships and families and buying a car.
But there are times when you can not afford a new car instantly because you are in between jobs and doing so much more.

1. Have a budget in your mind.

When you have a certain budget in your mind, you can easily look around for what ever type of car you are looking for. It gets easier to research particular brands and makes of the car of your choice in that budget that you have set.

2. Always take your trusted mechanic along with you.

When you have a trusted mechanic along with you, they will let you know if a car is in a bad shape. Any patch works on the car or ridiculous paint jobs are visible to their sharp eyes. Always have someone to do a third [arty assessment so that you know that you are not being cheated in any way.

3. Word of mouth.

Always let your friends and family know that you are on the look out for a car. If they have one to sell, they will never trick you into buying something that is faulty and it will always come under your decided budget/.But again, always make sure you get a third part assessment because certain sellers have unrealistic idea of how much their car is worth.

4. Always test drive the car knowing that you are going to buy it.

When you test drive the car, always think of it as your own car. That way you will know what faults and what good things to look out for. Don't just go around for 5 minutes. Take a good 45 minutes to an hour to actually know the car. Pay attention to the noises, take the car on a few potholes so you know what to expect and what to look out for.

Buying a car is as big as a decision as buying a house. Always research well. Get to know the cars history well enough. Take your time buying the car and never show interest in the beginning only. It will always end up in you making rash decisions.

Bucket Listing with Kids.

I have always dreamt of traveling extensively after marriage but God had other plans for me and I got pregnant right after. There were days when I craved to go somewhere away from gloomy London and that's when I decided to make a bucket list of all the places that I wanted to visit and no matter what and no matter how many children, I will make sure that I visit these places. You can also check out Destination2 Luxury Holidays for creating the perfect holiday experience.

So here are my top five bucket list destination places that I would like to visit over the next two years. Mostly in 2018 only but obviously, life always has other plans.

1. Bali. 

Indonesia has to be one of the top places that I would like to visit this year. My son is old enough to do certain activities rather than just lounge on the beach all day. Bali has a premier water park where you can spend all day doing all sorts of water activities. There is Kemenuh Butterfly park which I know will be a major hit with my son since he loves all kinds of bugs/insects and butterflies are his favourite. Animal Safari, Surfing, and Rafting are also on our list of things to do while in Bali. Also, you haven't visited Bali properly if you haven't been to the Monkey Forest.

2. Capetown.

I remember when I was 6 and my dad had to visit South Africa for official work. a 2-week stay turned into a whole month and when he came back, he couldn't stop raving about Capetown and since then, I always googled pictures of Capetown hoping one day I will be able to finally go there. My father raved about the views from the Table Mountain and that is one place that I would definitely like to go and take my son along. Other than that, Penguin Boulder, Two Oceans Aquarium and Imhoff farm are also on the list!

3. Amsterdam. 

I think visiting Amsterdam is on everyone's bucket list. My husband has been there twice and I have seen countless movies featuring Amsterdam and now I really really need to go! Hopefully, this year will be the year when we do visit Amsterdam since it is on one of the routes of the places we have planned to visit. One of the first things that I want to go once I visit here is to rent a bakfied and explore Amsterdam like a local. Visit Nine Streets and see the world go by. Although not exactly a child entertaining place but Anne Frank's house is definitely on my list!

4. Copenhagen. 

Of all the reading and research I have done on Denmark, I have read that it is one place that will keep surprising you in a good way. I have read so much about playgrounds in Copenhagen. The Vikings didn't mess around and people have actually recommended me to visit a playground. I laughed out loud when they recommended this but when I actually got to reading about it, they were bloody serious about it. And I really really want to try out authentic Danish cookies after having all sorts of Danish cookie tins all my life! And obviously, visit The Mermaid!

5. Costa Rica. 

This is last on my bucket list but definitely my favourite. Its one of those places where you can get dirty and have fun while vacationing without worrying about doing all the fancy things in life. Snorkelling with my son is on the top, Wildlife boat trip, Hot springs, Volcanoes, the frog pond, Sky adventures and glamping on remote beaches are my ideal vacation adventures in Costa Rica.

What are your bucket list items for 2018?

5 Cosy Outfit Ideas for a Date Night.

I am all about comfort over fashion. You will NEVER see me in something that I am uncomfortable in. I love wearing clothes that make me feel confident in them. Although I do experiment with my clothes but there are times when I don't bother. And when you are the kind of person who prefers comfort over fashion, you are limited to a certain dress code.

But there are so many ways you can style your outfit. Here are my top 5 cosy outfit ideas:

1. Fur.

Fur always perks up any kind of look. In fact, on our first date, I wore a fur gilet with an all-black outfit and absolutely loved it. I felt so comfortable and didn't feel the need to shift in my place all the time. When you are comfortable in your clothes, you can focus on other things like conversation and eating your food properly so that it doesn't go all over your clothes (yup, I am that kind of person).

2. Skirts.

I am a very midi skirt kind of person. It gives the most amazing Parisian vibes and looks flirty yet comfortable. Pairing it with the right jumper can make your outfit jazz up! Warmer/Dark colours like deep reds, dark blue or even metallic colours like silver or rose gold would look amazing! You can pair it with gorgeous heels or if you are my kind of person, boots would look perfect!

3. Jumper Dress.

Nothing and I mean nothing beats a good jumper dress with knee-high boots. It gives such a Victoria Beckham vibe! You can accessorise the look with a chunky scarf or a statement necklace and it would instantly glam up the look.

4. Leather Jackets.

There is so much that you can style with a leather jacket. A plain white shirt with ripped denim jeans. Or a tulle skirt with a plain t-shirt. A little black dress with a leather jacket. Everything goes. And that the beauty of it!

5. Culottes.

There is nothing as comfortable as culottes. But I won't classify this as a first date outfit. Preferably a third or fourth date outfit. You can pair culottes with anything. Jumpers, t-shirts, shirts, leather jackets, literally anything! And that is what I love about them. I am slowly venturing into wearing culottes more often and it's totally in my comfort zone and definitely looks posher and yet flirty.

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