Halal Goodies - Changing the luxury world one halal box at a time.

You know that feeling when you are out of town and a relative has to receive your parcels and you just literally can not wait to go back and rip open the parcels for sweet joy? Yep. I was in Pakistan when the Halal Goodies Celebration box was delivered for me and I literally went over straight from the airport to pick up this gorgeous beauty of a box!

The box was seriously HUGE which was making me even more excited! Its so spacious that I have well fitted all my other skin care goodies in the box. 

As soon as you open the box, a really really soft aroma greets you that confirms that it really is a luxury box filled with pure organic products. 

There is a small JazakAllah (May Allah reward you with Goodness) card and I instantly fell in love with the blush pink colour. This is the kind of personalisation people should try and achieve. I love how some brands personalise the packages accordingly and it instantly makes you loyal towards the brand.

Further on, there is a monthly magazine SISTERS MAGAZINE that helps you cultivate your faith and be a better person. 

As I dug in, I came across this beautifully packaged envelope and as soon as I opened it, I was surprise to see FIVE prints that would you go perfect with my living room decor. They're beautiful prints that do nothing but make you smile every time you see them!

There is also a small notebook included which says love notes on the cover and has small adorable detailing in the inside that just makes the inner muslimah smile! 

Coming to the actual goodies, the first thing you see is a gorgeous cotton viscose scarf from NABIILA BEE. If you don't know who she is, check out her Instagram page. She is an amazing modest fashion icon and a You-tuber in the Muslim world and has inspired a lot of women to be who they are and accept it with love. The colour is described as a Honeysuckle shade on her website and its perfect for adding that pop of colour to your outfit.

Then there are two soaps by ALL NATURAL SOAP CO. One is a HUGE bar of an oatmeal soother and there other is a small soap. And I just can't bring myself to use it because I know the shape is going to get ruined! Its just so tiny and beautifully crafted! The company makes 100% natural soaps that are SLS and paragon free! 

Of course you can not have a subscription box with a lip product and theres a full sized AKAMUTI ruby fruits lip balm. I have been using it for three days now and I love how soft it has made my chapped lips feel. I think it might be my new favourite, leaving the Body Shop hemp lip balm behind.

The next product I was pretty excited to try, as with all masks haha! It is the ORGANIC SURGE deep cleansing mask. I have used it twice and it made my skin look so radiant! And it is such a cool mask that you don't have to paste it all over your skin. Just massage it onto cleansed skin and wash it after 15 minutes! The results are realllllly good! 

A samples are also included my NOURISH and EVOLVE beauty. And I am pretty excited to try these out and buy their full sized products! 

Even though this box is marketed towards the Muslim community, I feel that the Halal Goodies box is not just for the Muslimah in the UK. If you love organic, pure, handmade, cruelty free products, then this box definitely is for everyone! Just log on to their website and indulge in to the world of luxury amazingness! 

Things Parents Of Toddlers do

You can spot parents of toddlers from afar. They do not look as dishevelled as parents of new born do and neither do they look too up beat as parents of pre-schoolers.

If you have a toddler or have been a part of the toddler life, then I am sure you can totally relate to these! And if you are still a new parent, its best you start taking notes! Ha-ha!

1. You are probably more excited for the first day of school than the child themselves. Everyone has their new clothes on. Makeup is definitely fleeking and breakfast is difficult to digest. The child definitely doesn't like being dragged out of bed and quickly changed in to new clothes but your spirits are way too high.

2. You have made plans for breakfast with your friends, catch up on chores or pamper yourself when school starts but you end up missing your child and hawk the clock till its time to pick them up.

3. You know the fear of toilet training is real. You've scoured the internet, read books on it and have taken tips from all the parents and yet you are not ready. You know you have to take the plunge and just go cold turkey but the fear remains.

4. You know pressurising your child to hurry up for something is futile. Children are way too sharp for anything. They catch on our anxiety and stall everything they can. The more you tell your child to hurry up, the more they will slow down everything. So relax, and let them work in their own pace.

5. You know you have coughed as loud as possible when you've secretly opened a soda can or a junk food wrapper.

6. You've moaned about co-sleeping all your parent life and when they finally move to their own bed, you become desperate for a snuggle from them.

7. You've let them entertain a guest or a family member while you run to the loo and pee in peace without anyone sticking a hand from under the door.

8. You've secretly laughed at people who think they have real life problems. Problems for you include:

*  Deciding what to make for dinner that can be made before you have to clean the house all over again and food that wont be thrown on the ceiling.

*Deciding whether to let your child dress themselves and make a day out of it or to fight a tornado of clothes and legos and dress your child up.

*To change the diaper or let the father come home and do it and act like they've pooped right before the other half walked in.

*Whether to take your toddler out to the mall and drown your sorrows in a coffee while your child screams bloody murder all over or just sit down with hot chocolate and order online.

9. You have hidden behind doors and in rooms and eat that piece of cheesecake which your child has been told about gone all mouldy.

10. You have to act way to careful about what you say in front of your child because, one, they will keep it on repeat and tell every stranger about it or, two, rat it out to your family members that might want you to dig up a whole and jump in.

Review: Placenta on my face?!

So a few weeks back, I received a package from Cozynyummy, which is a recent start up business and deals in health and beauty. 

I have been loving my skin these days because of a major skin care routine change. I realised how important it is to look after your skin and give it all the best you can. 
These came in a small pink organza bag! How adorable is it?
I received a few Korean sheet masks. Now, Korean skin care is something that one should definitely try. HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR SKIN?! Its like a smooth canvas of skin. I am absolutely in love with the Korean skincare and their mask sheets. You don't just have the regular products. They come up with the most unique ingredients ever.

So coming back to CozynYummy, they have their own website and an amazon shop too incase you want to make sure where you are spending your money. 

1. Fresh Fruit and Cucumber mask.

You have an important event coming up. But your skin refuses to behave. These masks are going to save you from all the skin disasters. Honey is known for its toxic extraction properties. And what is better than to put a sheet mask on your face full of honey goodness and give your skin a treat?! I used the mask a few hours before our regular date night and my skin was literally glowing. Although you have to use these masks twice a week for a better result, but one application gave me such an amazing result.

Cucumber is known for its soothing properties and for years, people have been using cucumber juice and pulp to make the skin feel more soothed and more elastic. The cucumber mask although didn't make a huge difference, it did give my skin a small spa retreat from all the make up that I have been slapping on.

2. Whitening smart mask & Platinum Essential Mask.

You might think that I am joking but the whitening smart mask from MediHeal was BOMB on my skin! I am not joking. It has a two step process. A mask base which is a gel that needs to be applied and patted in to the skin and then the mask application. This mask has to be used twice a week for a month to see the ultimate results but SERIOUSLY. 

My skin GLOWED! Its not a whitening mask as such that it will change your skin colour (LOL) but it did improve my skins texture and reduce the dullness! The Platinum Essential mask is also from MediHeal and is amazing for fine lines and wrinkles! It did give my skin that elastic loving which only lasted for 48 hours.

3. Placenta and EGF mask.

Can I just take a moment and thank the Lord for 3D masks? They are the MOST well fitting masks EVER. These masks have a small stitching going down in the middle with such a well fit under the chin. Like these masks STAY. They don't slip down AT ALL. 
When in doubt, snapchat filter it. Also, see what I meant by the stitching going through the middle?
Okay so coming back to the workings, the mask have a thick gel essence. Like you can see thick pieces of gel attached to the mask and it made sure that my mask stayed on! 
Obviously with one application, you won't see drastic results, but I can definitely see a little bit of difference! 
I was so scared to put the placenta mask on, but once it was on, it felt like another normal mask! After I took it off, my skin felt SO SO good. I think i am going to order a few more of these and use them more often! 

The EGF or the Epidermal Growth Factor mask is also going in my shopping basket! This mask is meant to repair your skin from acne marks, acne scars and little acne dents in the skin. It heals your skin and restores its properties. And so it did even with one application! I am truly amazed! SO if you are having doubts about buying these, go ahead and BUY them! They work amazingly well!

ScreenTime For Kids - KidloLand App Review.

There is a general confusion on whether to give your child some screen time or not. Whether to limit them for an hour or let them use for more than an hour through out the day. Parents all over the world have a constant worry about technology creating a change in their and the children lives.

My not-so-little child is now three and he loves exploring the iPad. And since he still hasn't gotten a grip on writing with a pencil, we are constantly finding apps that will increase his sensory play and motor skills.

KidloLand is one of the applications that my son has a slightly love and hate relationship with. He loves the app so much that he will spend a whole hour using the it and completely forget to use Youtube kids to watch Ben & Holly.

As a parent, you have to sit down one night and explore the app yourself. Download everything properly and get to know the app. I believe every parent should explore ANY application they download for the children. When I say that this application is loaded, I really mean it. It is PROPERLY loaded with 1000+ activities for kids including 95+ classic nursery rhymes and more than 300+ activities for toddlers. It is aimed for children aged 0-5 years old but a lot of older children like to play along too.

My Verdict?

The best thing about this application is that you can use the features offline. This works for me because one, I don't have to give him my phone to use the data to access the application and secondly he doesn't have access to youtube kids to watch a lot of apparently child friendly but trashy video. But instead he uses the application to learn phonics, listen to stories, tracing alphabets that increase his educational qualities.

My Son's Verdict?

When I said that Azlan has a love hate relationship with this application, I meant that the application is slightly slower than the rest of the applications. The tracing of the alphabets is a little bit too slow for Azlan and he gets bored of dragging his fingers all the time to complete the alphabet. So that is the only thing that he doesn't really like.

Because I have introduced story time to Azlan, he loves reading them himself (he apparently repeats the stories like a parrot). But with this application, he can listen to stories and I tell you, he LOVES to listen to the stories, which also gives me a breather and ideas for bedtime stories.
He loves creating the snow man, decorating the christmas tree, popping shapes, opening boxes full of surprises learning months and weeks of the year and a lot more.

Total Verdict?

You have GOT to get this application! I have never been so happy with screen time! 

You can use these links to download the application whether you are an iOs user or an android user:

Disclaimer: I was given a years worth free subscription in exchange for the review. All opinions posted are my own. 

A Girl's Guide To A Home Emergency Kit

There are so many times when you wished you had a certain product at home that could've saved you from an embarrassing moment. You keep an emergency kit in the car. An emergency kit in your handbag but you never think about keeping one in your home. Why? Because you have access to things at home right? But what if you run out of those accessible products in your home only? This is where a home emergency kit comes in.

Want to know what to add to this kit? Here is a list:

1. Dry shampoo/ Hair colourant.

I can't seem to count the numerous occasions I have had to wash my hair and blow dry it in a manic rush. How many times have I wished that I had picked up that dry shampoo and I could have saved so much time without washing my hair and concentrated more on my makeup and actually putting an outfit together.

Recently, a lot of companies have started introducing temporary spray colourants, which, if you ask me, is absolutely GENIUS. How many times have you had to cover your hair with your eyeshadows? Or wished you had taken an early hair dye appointment? Then my dear friend, this is where this genius product comes in. Hitting the late 20's comes with grey hair and frequent hair dyeing. And I have saved myself from so many embarrassing hair disasters with this temporary hair colourant.

2. Tweezers/Depilatory Strips/Razors.

I know we all have razor backups and what not. But I have read so many frantic cries from fellow girls where they had a body hair emergency. If you don't own an epilator or sometimes when you are like me and always forget to charge yours, then you NEED to keep these products in this kit.

Anytime you're doing your makeup and suddenly see the stray eyebrow hair just chilling around? Tweeze. Saving that moustache for no shave November? Depilatory strips. Decided to quickly change your outfit to a sleeveless one? Or a pretty skater dress? Razor it.

3. Mask Sheets.

I make sure that I have a few mask sheets excess in stock. I always buy mask sheets to keep some handy. But incase I run out, the one in the kit will always come to the rescue.

I make it a point that anytime I have to attend a big event, I put on a mask so that my skin is literally glowing like a firefly's bum. So, if you ever feel that your skin is looking like a cracked Sahara Desert, these masks will come in handy.

4. Hygiene.

We often forget the main thing that builds up one's personality. Even if we bathe in our favourite perfume after dressing up, we do need a deodorant. Always make sure to keep one in your kit just in case you run out of your current one. I LOVE men's deodorants. The sweet smelling stuff is totally not my game.

Sanitary napkins, tampons and disposable underwear should always be a part of this kit.

5. Basic items.

You never know when you might need to wear a cold should top and run out of transparent bra straps. Always keep a packet of bra straps handy. Smaller things but important ones like safety pins, lint roller and band-aids should ALWAYS be kept in this kit.

I can not even begin to tell you how many times this kit has come to my rescue. And I have also made sure that my mother and my sisters have one at home too! What else would you add to the kit? Let me know in the comments down below.

Review - Face Inc Masks by Nails Inc.

So if you follow me on Instagram, a few weeks back, I posted a picture of the sheet masks that I got from Boots. They were the sheet masks from Face Inc, owned by Nails Inc.

I was pretty excited to use these because, one, my skin had been acting up lately and secondly, I have seen that sheet masks are easier to put on and a lot less messy and work a treat. Currently, many companies have started introducing sheet masks with some sort of graphic on them and that is really really cool! They have 4 sheet masks in the range.

I bought three sheet masks and they retail at £5 each. Flower Power, Cat Nap and 40 Winks were the three masks I picked up.

Cat Nap - 

Okay the first impression was that, they are harder to put on. If you have a rectangular face shape or a horizontal oval shape, they will be more comfortable to put on. I have a more of a square face shape and it was definitely uncomfortable to keep it on. They didn't cover my nose completely and they just reached about till my chin.

Moving forward, I felt a light tingling sensation on my skin. Not too much though. Not something that I couldn't bear or that it was really annoying me. I knew the mask was working. You are supposed to keep the mask on for 15 minutes and then take it off.

After 15 minutes, I could see that my skin felt fresher and more radiant. I rubbed off the excess liquid on my skin and washed my face about 3 hours later. While I was washing my face, I could feel that my skin had become more softer and more supple. I really liked the feeling. How ever the results lasted only for 24 hours. You need to use these masks regularly to see an actual difference.

The Cat Nap mask is definitely something that one should try before going to a big event or a date.

Flower Power - 

I love the mask because it has my favourite snap chat filter on it! The mask was the same as before though. I had a very uncomfortable feeling keeping it on because it did not cover my entire face.

Coming to the effect of the mask, I must say I really liked this one! I had a little bit of red skin flaring up near my nose and this mask instantly soothed my skin! Like the previous mask, I kept it on for 15 minutes and then massaged the excess liquid and washed my face after 3 hours! This mask really hydrated my skin!

40 Winks - 

I love how this masks look! The eyelashes and the red lipstick are totally my thing!

I wasn't expecting much off of this mask. It did tighten my skin a little bit but nothing major obviously. I am going to pick this mask up again and try it out to see the full results. I absolutely love how they are drenched with the liquid and do not dry out quickly.

So do I like these masks?

These are definitely one of those perk me up masks that you use on your night in or something that you can use before some big event or date like I mentioned above. I don't see myself picking up these masks again for a long term use. I will definitely pick up the 40 Winks mask to see the full effects. I might pick them up when I am feeling down and my skin needs a little cheering up!

5 Ultimate Festive Season Hacks For Your Home.

Amongst the sadness in this world through out the year, I am grateful for December. The joy that this festive month brings is just amazing! Christmas, New Year, Hanukkah, National Cookie Day/National Maple Syrup day/National Fritter Day, Japanese Emperor's Birthday, New Years Eve, New Years, Boxing day and so many others! And with so many holidays and festive occasions, you are bound to just LOVE the festive season, right?

I know there are so many things that go out when you are planning for the festive season, you need to come up with tips and tricks that help you with your decor! And I have got some really cool ones!

1. Saving Space.

We all don't want the over bearing christmas decorations to come right on our face as soon as we enter the house, right? Save some space by hanging battery operated fairy lights on window sills or door ways. Fairy lights are great because one, you can put them up anywhere without having to worry about wires and sockets and two, there is so much variety available for fairy lights. You have got copper ones and silver ones and white ones and black ones and snowflake ones, and elephant ones and the list can go on! Check out a few more hacks here. They even have hacks for after the festive season!

2. Make your own snowman!

Three years later, we still haven't had a white Christmas. And its time, we make our own snowman!
Check how to make the coolest snowman here.

3. Designer Candles.

Come on now! You do not have to buy expensive looking candles for £50 when you can easily make your own! Just buy block candles and you can vamp them up making them look like proper designer candles! Take a look here and find your perfect decor!

4. Creative Door ideas.

Wreaths are so yesterday! Although they give the best traditional look but you can always change your door decor and do something different. Like make a rustic wreath with mason jar lids! To know more check them out here.

5. Table Decor.

I really really love a good table decor! It feels just like home and so cosy and really really personal. You can use so many things to set the table and make it look like you have actually spent a lot but you know you have DIY-ed it. Check more table decor hacks here.

Do you have any festive season hacks? Let me know down below!

This is a collaborative post.