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The Best Bargain Website Ever!

Y'all know how much of a budget buyer I am. I mean, I do buy off the shelf items when I really like them but all in, I LOVE finding bargains and deals that are absolutely amazing!

The internet is a HUGE place and you never know what deals await your bank account. But won't it be really nice when all the deals are just put together in one place and you can just browse through all the deals that are on and find the one that really floats your boat?

I came across the Latest Deals website and now it's my go-to website. It has tonnes of deals and vouchers and (psst) freebies as well! I mean COME ON, who doesn't love freebies? Even if its just a cuppa!

Let's start with food, shall we?

When you click on freebies, you get amazing deals. Cup of coffee, a coke zero, a croissant, whatever you would like to eat. but for me, what takes the cake?

You can have a free meal in exchange for a bag of rubbish/anything that is plastic! Just get an empty plastic bottle and exchange it for a free meal in store! I mean saving the planet and feeding your tummy. Genius!

You can get a free coffee at Harris and Hoole by just downloading their app. I mean, COME ON!!!

Moving onto fashion! clothes, shoes, jewellery, you name it, its all there.

You can get this sterling silver necklace, FOR FREE and all you have to do is, just pay the shipping charges and its right there at your doorstep. Can it get any better than this? I tell you what, it does!

You can get 15% off on the Adidas website using the code mentioned on the latest deals website!

To all the parents out there, I wish I had known about this site when I had my son! This website has the most amazing deals for babies and toddlers.

The Motorola video monitor is reduced from £69.99 to £39.99. If that isn't a bargain, I don't know what is.

From baby clothes to shoes to development toys and food, the site is loaded with deals and Ic ant recommend it enough to other people!

The site has genuine deals and vouchers and there are no hidden terms and conditions, unlike other websites where you have to enter your details and you get bombarded with spam emails from other sites as well.

The Guilt Story of a Working-Stay- At-Home Mother.

GRAB A CUPPA. It is a long read.

Before I started blogging, even before I become a mother, my married days were all about sleeping in really really late (think 4pm) and then sleeping after the sunrise. In between, I was just a regular mess. Drinking endless cups of tea and eating all kinds of junk food without having any kind of goal in my mind. I was just a stay at home wife with nothing to look forward too. Except, well dinner time.

After I had Azlan, my days passed in a haze. Being a first-time mother, trying to grasp what little was left of my sanity, I didn't know where the time went and within a blink of an eye, he was one. It was a little later after that, I started sulking and kept wanting to do something. I couldn't go out and work because I had child care issues and honestly I wouldn't have been at ease thinking someone else was taking care of my child. So, I started blogging.

How my Cleansing Game has Changed over the past Year.

It feels so weird writing a blog post after so long. Having started my YouTube channel, my blog kind of got neglected and I was just doing ad stuff over here. But ladies and gents (not so much) I am back.

So I have had quite a few people ask me about how my makeup application looks so flawless and how amazing my foundation settles onto my skin (if I say so myself) and the best reply I can come up with, is, I have completely changed my skin care game. I have started focusing on products that suit my skin instead of trying all new products under the sun. Ageing doesn't take time, let me tell you that. So if you need to slow down the ageing process, you need to focus more on what your skin needs instead of what you want to buy.