How to choose the perfect blinds for your home.

When you are setting up the house, you have to be very careful with all the decor you do. But at times we often forget about putting the right blinds and end up with a very awkward interior. So how do you go about choosing the right blinds for your house?

Here are some tips:

1.  Maintain privacy.

Certain rooms in the house need more privacy than the others. Like for example, your bedroom or the bathroom would need more privacy and a light block option so that theres no light peeking through and no silhouettes visible. While the living room would need more light and maintaining too much privacy isn't that much of a worry. So choose blinds that go according to the theme of the rooms and not just hang the same blinds all around the house. You can buy roller blinds from Brands Direct Online for blinds that provide privacy as well as maintain the decor.

2. Professional fit.

Always make sure that your blinds are fit professionally. Crooked, ill-fitting blinds are a sore for the eyes. When your blinds are done by a professional they speak a job well done. Even if you are on a  budget, there are a lot of companies that offer low rates yet the work is done perfectly.

3. Decor.

Many people just tend to put whatever curtains or blinds match with their decor. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If you want a cosy yet expensive feeling with the blinds, make sure that they either contrast with the decor or match with only one piece of furniture. Choosing the right blinds can make a stark difference in whether you want the room to be cosy and welcoming rather than cold and a sore to the eyes.

4. Choosing the perfect option.

Look around the decor. Would you like having roller blinds, shutters or curtains? For example, a living room requires more light and a cosy feeling because you tend to spend more than half of your day in the living room only. Shutters would be the perfect option since they provide a level of privacy, keep sound pollution to a minimum and give a lot of light in the room. So choosing the right window treatment makes a whole lot of difference.

5. Safety and reducing the electricity bills.

If you have children in the house, you might want to switch to either curtains or cordless blinds. There have been various news that prove cords have been fatal for children while playing with it. So if you want blinds in your house, make sure that the cords are tucked away from the child's sight or invest in cordless blinds.
Blinds have also proven to reduce your electricity bills. If you want to insulate your homes cheaply and effectively then choose blinds that can keep the draught and the cold out. You can save up to £30 a year with well insulated blinds.

Top 5 Child-Friendly date ideas.

Dating after becoming a parent becomes a chore rather than keeping the relationship alive. Either of the parent is usually so tired that they end up at home only, with takeaway food and a good movie while their child naps. But sometimes, getting out of the house, dressing up and having fun is also good for the soul.

So, if you have a child and are stuck with options as to where to go for child friendly dates, even if you are into single parent dating, here are some options:

1.   Bowling.

This is my favourite idea of a date! Just because you have a child in tow, does not mean that you won’t be able to have fun. If your child is old enough to bowl, then as a family, you are going to have a blast! A day filled with lots of bowling, nacho cheese dips and soda is definitely on top of my dating lists!

2.   Cinema.

A trip to the cinema as a child friendly date, can never go wrong. Even if the movie is not animated, your child will love watching anything on the big screen. Recent movies like Baby’s day out, storks, despicable me 3, are going to be a hit and the entire family is going to love it. Also, a large popcorn bucket, crisps and drinks are cherry on top!

3.   Punting.

If you live somewhere near a river, then make a day out of it and go punting! Both, your other half and your child are going to love it. There is absolutely nothing better than being with your loved ones and having the time of your life. Also, if you are over 50's dating, this is going to be one hell of an amazing day.

4.   Park picnics.

I absolutely love picnics in the park! Just lying down in the grass reading a book or just talking about random stuff while your child goes out on the swings. And the picnic lunch has to top everything!

5.   Art studio.

I know. I saved the best bit for last. So, if your family is an artistic bunch, an art studio is your true calling. There are many art studios that offer families to come and bond together with art. Even if your little one doesn’t know how to paint, just give them a brush in their hand and let them create master strokes.

I loved creating these ideas. Just because you’re now a parent doesn’t mean that you should let go of the spark of dating your partner. And even if you don’t find a baby sitter, these date ideas work amazing for you and your family.

Wonderfully Diamonds - Diamonds are forever

Diamonds are a girls best friend has to be the truest lines of all times. There is no better feeling in the world when you put on a diamond ring and the way it sparkles, just makes your heart flutter.

Wonderfully Diamonds is a brand as such that makes bespoke diamond jewellery, catered to your need and your liking. You can either choose your Diamond engagement rings or have them tailored to your liking.

They have just launched their online website and are offering prices that you will not find anywhere on the high street. That is 65% off the high-street prices. You don’t even have to worry about the diamonds being genuine. A diamond certificate is given to you as a proof of the authenticity of the diamond when you make your purchase.

Not only do they provide women’s wedding rings but also provide men’s wedding rings so you can make all the purchases in one place and not go running around looking for more places to go to! Also, if you don’t want to choose online, you can make an appointment with them on their website and visit their showroom.

Free engraving and a 14-day return policy is also on their menu which is the perfect icing on cake. If you haven’t visited their website before, do so here and fall in love with the diamond selection.

*this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

5 stress-free bedtime rituals for children.

When you are a parent, all you do the entire day is, look forward to bed time. And nothing is better than a peaceful bedtime, where you don’t want to pull your hair out and bawl your eyes when your child doesn’t sleep.

So what do you do when you want bedtime to be as peaceful as ever, without struggling to muffle out a scream when they don't go to sleep? Here’s what:

1.   Curtains/Blinds.

When you are putting your child to sleep, make sure that you have curtains or blinds that block all the light in the room. The darker the room, the easier they fall asleep. Because the child’s bedtime should be as early as 7pm, due to daylight saving, it still might be a bit bright for the child to fall asleep. You can check out the chid safe, fire resistant and colourful blinds at Brands online direct for your children’s room.

2.   Create the right mood.

Lavender is known for its calming properties and what is better to have a lavender diffuser in your child’s room to create the perfect calming atmosphere. A warm bedtime bath, can also put them right in the sleep mode. A warm glass of milk and a bedtime story will help aid sleep.
3.   Fighting the monsters under the bed.

This is my favourite bed time routine! It is so much fun and makes the child feel really secure. We have a plastic light laser sword that both my son and I use to fight all the hiding monsters in the room. Children tend to get scared when they reach a certain age where they start having nightmares. So in order to maintain the sleeping schedule, this is a fun way of setting the mood right.

4.   No screen time prior to bed time.

This is an absolute must. Two hours before bedtime, make sure that the child hasn’t had any screen time. It stresses the brain and makes them more hyper active. Relax their nervous system and switch of all screens in the house before bed time.

5.   Military time schedule.

As scary as it sounds, it really isnt. But to ensure a good night sleep and a less cranky child the next day, make sure that your child wakes up early and goes to bed early. It is totally up to you whether you want to have a nap time during the day or not. Because my son is older, I skip nap time so bedtime is usually a breeze.

What do you do to ensure a good night sleep?

What dad's really want on father's day.

If you score the internet, there are a gazillion father's day gift guides available for you to choose from. So I am here, trying to add one more to the gazillion. But I am taking a break from all the chocolates, hip flasks, diy gift baskets (seriously who needs that?) and engraved wallets. I sat down with my husband and asked him to truly tell what he wanted to get for fathers day, provided that I didn't have to gift it to him (I know, so cheeky) so all this comes from literally within the heart.

1. Panasonic 3 in 1 precision trimmer.

No man can have enough beard trimmers provided either the charging cable suddenly disappears or the trimmer top gets lost. They also need a wife not to nag them continuously about the stubble hair in the sink. But the Panasonic men's trimmer is best for precision styling, shaving and trimming, obviously. It has a washable blade, cordless option (so that you may never have to lose the charging cable), has a I-shaped design so that the hold is easier and the shave is precise.

2. Fit-Bit activity tracker.

No man likes to admit that they have got a bit of a paunch. But they definitely need the motivation. The fitbit activity tracker is literally the best invention for all fitness junkies! Also, the fathers need to count the steps and calories they burn while they run away from all the chores on a daily basis!

3. MAHI leather laptop bag.

This makes an amazing fathers day gift! A leather laptop bag gives all the right kinds of good vibes. And this laptop bag is just the right one to save your laptop from the little hands that always find sharpies and doodle all over.

4. Smart phone projector.

Okay this is my favourite! Or maybe my husbands? You just pop the phone in the area provided and voila! you've got a home cinema! It also comes handy when the wife and the kids are hogging the family television and you just want to chill and watch desperate housewives or maybe watch a match with your buds!

5. Polaroid Snap Digital Camera.

If your father is into photography, or just generally loves taking pictures, then this is an amazing gift for him! You can print the polaroid pictures instantly with the camera and voila. You might want to teach him how to take a selfie though.

Have you decided what to gift to your father this father's day?

Ramadan Series - The Utimate Eid Guide.

Do you remember the times when you were young and were given Eidi by relatives and it was instantly taken away by our parents in the name of 'saving' and never to have it back? Yeah, that happened with me too. But in todays day and age, the generation is quick to point it out and take care of their own money/savings.

And I know giving cash is the easy way out and it teaches the children how to spend and save but there are times when you want to personalise a gift for the child so that they can benefit from it and not just cash up. 

So, here is a small Eid gift guide that can help you with deciding what to gift to the children this Eid and make them gain benefit and educate themselves with our religion. 

1. My First Wudu Book.

This has to be my absolute favourite out of the lot! I wish we had something like this during our childhood and when we were learning about the factual things about Islam. The sorcery of this book is that all the pictures are black and white. But when you run water over it, the pictures change colours.

My son was super stoked to use this and has nearly learnt his wudu. This books is great for children aged 2 and above. Buy it from here.

2. My first book of DUA.

It is safe to say that all the items from the entire gift guide are my favourite. I personally have kept this book for myself (cheeky, I know). There are so many basic duas in the book that we often tend to forget. My First Book of Dua is for children aged 7 and above. However, if smaller children know how to read and speak arabic, this is suitable for them too. This book shows literally ALL the duas that are supposed to be read in our daily life.

Also including duas for Hajj and Umrah. And the best part? There are small paragraphs explaining why the duas are to be read and the history behind it. Its easy to read with english translation along with it, beautiful illustration and its the perfect way for little children to learn how to remember and thank Allah. Buy it from here.

3. Dua Cards.

I have found two versions of these. One is the Remind Me Dua cards that you can put up all around your house so that the children are reminded of the duas to be read daily. There are 6 large cards with extremely beautiful illustration, again. You can purchase them from here.

They other version is the What To Say When cards. These are type of flash cards that can be very very handy to help the children learn about all the duas that you need to say during our daily routine. They are very handy, double sided (30 dua's) and can also be placed around the house (I personally keep them at hand for daily learning purposes). You can buy them here. You can even read the full review here.

4. Arabic Alphabet puzzles.

If you come to think of it, how well do we know our basic arabic alphabets? So to make the child learn arabic alphabets from a very early age, these arabic alphabet puzzles are one of a kind. Not only they help the child with learning, they develop motor skills too. You can buy these from here and read the full review here. 

5. Talking dolls and Dua pillow.

How cool are these? Every little child loves dolls and talking dolls are just cherry on top! These talking dolls from Desi Doll Company are lit!! When you press their hand and feet, they recite essential Quranic words and phrases, Surahs followed by translation and fun songs about Islam. You can purchase them here.

The Dua pillow is my favourite! You have buttons all over the pillow and you can hear the dua's for sleeping, waking up, ayat-ul-kursi, nasheeds and the three Quls. How amazing is this? The kids are going to love this! Buy it here.

Have you decided Eid gifts as yet?