A Girl's Guide To A Home Emergency Kit

There are so many times when you wished you had a certain product at home that could've saved you from an embarrassing moment. You keep an emergency kit in the car. An emergency kit in your handbag but you never think about keeping one in your home. Why? Because you have access to things at home right? But what if you run out of those accessible products in your home only? This is where a home emergency kit comes in.

Want to know what to add to this kit? Here is a list:

1. Dry shampoo/ Hair colourant.

I can't seem to count the numerous occasions I have had to wash my hair and blow dry it in a manic rush. How many times have I wished that I had picked up that dry shampoo and I could have saved so much time without washing my hair and concentrated more on my makeup and actually putting an outfit together.

Recently, a lot of companies have started introducing temporary spray colourants, which, if you ask me, is absolutely GENIUS. How many times have you had to cover your hair with your eyeshadows? Or wished you had taken an early hair dye appointment? Then my dear friend, this is where this genius product comes in. Hitting the late 20's comes with grey hair and frequent hair dyeing. And I have saved myself from so many embarrassing hair disasters with this temporary hair colourant.

2. Tweezers/Depilatory Strips/Razors.

I know we all have razor backups and what not. But I have read so many frantic cries from fellow girls where they had a body hair emergency. If you don't own an epilator or sometimes when you are like me and always forget to charge yours, then you NEED to keep these products in this kit.

Anytime you're doing your makeup and suddenly see the stray eyebrow hair just chilling around? Tweeze. Saving that moustache for no shave November? Depilatory strips. Decided to quickly change your outfit to a sleeveless one? Or a pretty skater dress? Razor it.

3. Mask Sheets.

I make sure that I have a few mask sheets excess in stock. I always buy mask sheets to keep some handy. But incase I run out, the one in the kit will always come to the rescue.

I make it a point that anytime I have to attend a big event, I put on a mask so that my skin is literally glowing like a firefly's bum. So, if you ever feel that your skin is looking like a cracked Sahara Desert, these masks will come in handy.

4. Hygiene.

We often forget the main thing that builds up one's personality. Even if we bathe in our favourite perfume after dressing up, we do need a deodorant. Always make sure to keep one in your kit just in case you run out of your current one. I LOVE men's deodorants. The sweet smelling stuff is totally not my game.

Sanitary napkins, tampons and disposable underwear should always be a part of this kit.

5. Basic items.

You never know when you might need to wear a cold should top and run out of transparent bra straps. Always keep a packet of bra straps handy. Smaller things but important ones like safety pins, lint roller and band-aids should ALWAYS be kept in this kit.

I can not even begin to tell you how many times this kit has come to my rescue. And I have also made sure that my mother and my sisters have one at home too! What else would you add to the kit? Let me know in the comments down below.

Review - Face Inc Masks by Nails Inc.

So if you follow me on Instagram, a few weeks back, I posted a picture of the sheet masks that I got from Boots. They were the sheet masks from Face Inc, owned by Nails Inc.

I was pretty excited to use these because, one, my skin had been acting up lately and secondly, I have seen that sheet masks are easier to put on and a lot less messy and work a treat. Currently, many companies have started introducing sheet masks with some sort of graphic on them and that is really really cool! They have 4 sheet masks in the range.

I bought three sheet masks and they retail at £5 each. Flower Power, Cat Nap and 40 Winks were the three masks I picked up.

Cat Nap - 

Okay the first impression was that, they are harder to put on. If you have a rectangular face shape or a horizontal oval shape, they will be more comfortable to put on. I have a more of a square face shape and it was definitely uncomfortable to keep it on. They didn't cover my nose completely and they just reached about till my chin.

Moving forward, I felt a light tingling sensation on my skin. Not too much though. Not something that I couldn't bear or that it was really annoying me. I knew the mask was working. You are supposed to keep the mask on for 15 minutes and then take it off.

After 15 minutes, I could see that my skin felt fresher and more radiant. I rubbed off the excess liquid on my skin and washed my face about 3 hours later. While I was washing my face, I could feel that my skin had become more softer and more supple. I really liked the feeling. How ever the results lasted only for 24 hours. You need to use these masks regularly to see an actual difference.

The Cat Nap mask is definitely something that one should try before going to a big event or a date.

Flower Power - 

I love the mask because it has my favourite snap chat filter on it! The mask was the same as before though. I had a very uncomfortable feeling keeping it on because it did not cover my entire face.

Coming to the effect of the mask, I must say I really liked this one! I had a little bit of red skin flaring up near my nose and this mask instantly soothed my skin! Like the previous mask, I kept it on for 15 minutes and then massaged the excess liquid and washed my face after 3 hours! This mask really hydrated my skin!

40 Winks - 

I love how this masks look! The eyelashes and the red lipstick are totally my thing!

I wasn't expecting much off of this mask. It did tighten my skin a little bit but nothing major obviously. I am going to pick this mask up again and try it out to see the full results. I absolutely love how they are drenched with the liquid and do not dry out quickly.

So do I like these masks?

These are definitely one of those perk me up masks that you use on your night in or something that you can use before some big event or date like I mentioned above. I don't see myself picking up these masks again for a long term use. I will definitely pick up the 40 Winks mask to see the full effects. I might pick them up when I am feeling down and my skin needs a little cheering up!

The Ultimate Wizarding Geek Gift Guide.


This post is going to be a long one, so you might as well 'Accio Coffee' for yourself!

So since December is upon us, season greetings to everyone! My family and friends keep asking what I want for my birthday, anniversary and all sorts of yearly events. And I keep telling them that I am fine with anything. And I end up getting so many perfumes and clothes and what not. So my dear friends and family, I am sitting down and making a list of what I want for my next birthday. Husband, if you are reading this, please don't waste your time thinking whether I would rather have that perfume or a trip to Harrods with your credit card in my hand. A trip to Hogwarts would be nice too, though.

So here it is! My ultimate wizardry gift guide for all ya muggles.

1. Mirror of Erised.

Could this get any cooler? I mean seriously. Imagine how cool I would look when I pull my compact mirror out of the bag and all the muggles would be wondering what does that mirror do. I see what I desire. That eyeliner on fleek though. You can find the product here.

2. Wizard makeup? What kinda magic is that?

So, recently the internet blew up with the wand makeup brushes! Everyone wanted a set for themselves. But I guess we weren't ready yet. News then came that the brushes were a hoax. Worry not my child.

Seriously, who would not want to keep opening this makeup bag to coat their eyelashes with 10 coats of mascara? Shop the bag here.

You better watch out! They might suck the happiness out of you. But at least you will have hydrated lips. Shop the product here.

LOOK HOW MAGICAL DO THESE LOOK!! My favourite has to be Salazar! Such a 'power hungry Slytherin' shade. Shop the product here.

3. Aguamenti!

If you aren't familiar, Aguamenti creates fresh pure water from the caster's wand. And if you are a gym fanatic or like running up and down Hogsmead, then this sports bottle is meant for you. Shop the product here.

4. A cup of tea, maybe?

Okay so I may not be a coffee addict but give me a hot cuppa tea anytime of the day and I might not cast a freezing spell on you.

I legit sobbed my eyes out when Dobby died. So this mug puts a smile on my face knowing that Dobby was with his friends when he was no more. He was a free elf. Shop the product here.

The Bowtruckle was my favourite after the niffler! As clingy as my little one. The separation issues I had to go through with with my son, were seen in the bowtruckle. Shop the product here.

5. Phone case.

I keep staring at it incase the Thunder bird wants to be set free. Shop the product here.

Its never too late for another harry potter phone case, right? I think I have lost count of how many I have bought and still keep buying! Shop the product here.

7.  Enamel Pins.

This year was the rise of denim jackets over dressed with Enamel pins. And its still on the rise.

This niffler enamel pin is calling my name out. Can I has a pet, please? Seriously. My pet level bar has been raised a bit too high and these guinea pigs no more fascinate me. Shop the product here.

Also, although there are so many Harry Potter enamel pins available in the market now, this one has got to be my favourite. It reminds me of George and Fred and their never ending pranks. And also reminds me of how incomplete George was with Fred. Shop the product here.

8. Clothing. 

You can not go wrong with wizarding clothes. Since winter is upon us, a house scarf would be an absolute favourite! Fandom t-shirts are still the rage and Primark hasn't failed to deliver that. If you are taking a trip to town anytime, do check out Primark's range of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts clothing and I am sure you are going to love it. Shop the slytherin t-shirt here.

9. Candles.

No gift is complete without a candle. Come on now. Yankee candles got no shade over these wizarding candles.

Soy Candles are all the rage right now. And people are loving it! Shop the product here.

You can not just not buy the magizoologist candle when buy buying a present! Shop the product here.

If you are not a Soy candle fan, then these candles are definitely going to make you hand over all the money and buy these in bulk! I am absolutely in love with these candles! Shop the product here.
Psst, even if you are a Mr. Darcy fan, THEY HAVE THEM!!!

I am sure, your Etsy basket is full and your bank account has been damaged. Have fun you little muggles! Until next time!


The Joint Family Syndrome.

Living in the 21st century, you'd expect that people might have grown out of all the ill feelings in their hearts and learned to love. Well, reality check hits hard. We're still there where we started. The desi culture is such that they expect you to live with your entire family all your life and act like a super happy version of of the bollywood movie, Hum Saath Saath hain.

Families back then and right now, all went through the same ups and downs. The only difference is that back then there was lack of awareness. And now, there is more awareness and the know how of how to tackle certain problems. But why do these problems still exist?

1. Do not treat each other like they work for you.

Hell no. Sister-In-laws/Mother-in-Laws, please don't do that. Just because your brother/son has married, you haven't got your hands on an unpaid maid. The wife is there to take care of her husband. And if she does take care of the family, do not take her for granted. Don't expect role reversals. Don't expect her to make warm food for you when you crash on the sofa after a long hard day at your educational institute. She probably has had a rough and hectic day too and the last thing she needs to do is serve another person. Help her out with a few chores. Even if its as little as peeling the vegetables. Ask her how her day was and if she needs help. Trust me, the gratitude you will receive will be like no other. And she might want to do more for you. Do not expect your daughter-in-law to serve the family and take credit for it. Please just do not do that.

And to the wife, please do not expect your sister-in-law to help you out with ALL the chores of the house. She is in no way to bound to help you along in every chore. Even before you got married, she did things her own way and she might continue to do so because she is at her mother's place. That is how she has done things all her life. And if she is helping you out in daily chores, be grateful. 

2. Respect each others privacy.

This has to be the most crucial part of a joint family. RESPECT each others privacy.
Please don't go snooping around in your mother-in-law's life or your sister-in-law's life. That is none of your business. Your'e only here to be a partner to your husband and not to gossip around about your in-law's life. Please please do not go to your mother's or friend's and tell them details of your in-law's life. If your sister-in-law is coming over, please don't shut yourself up in your room and act like they're always there. It is her mother's house and she can come anytime she wants. Give her a little bit of time and continue doing your work.

Vice Versa, respect the daughter-in-law's privacy. DO NOT barge into their room and demand their time or attention. Their room is the only place of solace for the daughter-in-law. And invading her personal space is just not done. Do not go in their room and eat their snacks, use their stuff and act like its all your brother's/son's property. If you are coming to your mother's house, don't expect the wife to give up her time and sit with you and serve you. The time you come on, might be the only time she gets to rest or chill with her husband.

3. Your husband is their son/brother. Your son/brother is her husband.

This is where everyone crosses the line. There are boundaries that need to be realised and set. Just because he is your bother or son does not mean that you have more of a right on him. His priorities have changed now. He looks forward to the day to come home and relax with his wife, find peace in his mother. Just don't go around telling everyone that he doesn't give you time anymore and ever since he got married, his priorities have changed. Yes they have! He has his own little family amongst a big family. He might have children who come first more than anything else. And if the husband and wife want to go out alone whatever time of the day or night, please respect that and do not grill them with questions and tell them that they have to come home at a certain time.

Same goes for the wife. PLEASE realise that he is not only your husband but he is also a son and a brother. He has responsibilities that need to be fulfilled towards his family. Do not complain if he goes and sits with his mother or sister after dinner and talk to them about the day. He used to do that long before you guys got married. If he wants to help out his family with his meager savings, do not object because his parents might have done the same thing for him when he was in trouble. 

4. No one is your enemy.

Your mother/sister-in-law might not be your worst enemy. Just because you have faced a few ups and downs, don't think that they hate you to the core. They have welcomed a new person in their house. They have to make arrangements to make you feel happy in the house. If something goes wrong, communicate with them. They won't bite you. Instead they might realise it and try to rectify it. Or if they feel that they can not alter the certain problem, they might help you get around it.

Same way, your daughter-in-law is not your worst enemy. She leaves her super smooth and carefree life to come and take care of her husband and her family. She will have to face a lot of trouble adjusting to the lifestyle of a family that might not make them feel welcomed. Just because your life was running smooth and carefree doesn't mean you make the newest addition feel like they are not needed and are not part of the family. Don't be the fuel to the fire. It is only going to make the fire stronger and you might burn your own hand.

5. Do not make children hate relationships.

Your children make their grandparents/aunts & uncles more than happy. To see them smiling and playing along is what the grandparents wish for in their late age. If they want to spoil their grand children/neices and nephews, please do not object (unless your children are becoming rude). In their own daily lives, the grand children are the only thing that keep them sane. Children's hearts are pure and they know that. Your children might be the only people that make them smile throughout the day. 

Your grandchildren/nieces and nephews are their parents responsibility. If they have set certain boundaries for their children, please respect those. Once the child has gone through growing up, the world has to acknowledge their manners. So if the parents want something out of their children, please respect them and their parenting style. There is a huge generation gap in between and certain rules either have to be applied or changed. 

6. Lower your expectations and balance it out.

If you are living in a joint family, whether you are a mother in law, sister in law, daughter in law, LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS. Once you realise that you have to lower your expectations, if something goes wrong, you won't be as hurt as you should've been. And if something goes all accordingly and happily, you will be more than grateful and that creates harmony. Balance your relations out. Do not put stress out on each other. The more you put stress on one person, they will explode, leaving you hurt and with ill feelings in your heart. Mother-in-law's and sister-in-law's, please note that the daughter-in-law is married to your son/brother to become a life partner and not a house help. Please do not expect her to work according to your wishes. If she doesn't want to cook on a certain day, you have no right to pressurise her and make her work. Compromise is the key. Same way, the daughter-in-law should also acknowledge that living in a joint family does not mean that you do not work at all. To make a family run smoothly, all parts should work harmoniously.

People often forget that communication is the key to any stable relationship. If you communicate your problems, your wishes, I am pretty sure that the other person will acknowledge it and will try to rectify it. Talk what is bothering you. Tell each other how important they are. Ask them how their day was even though you've been there the whole day. You do not have to become best friends with each other. You can be civil and live peacefully.

Drink up - The Finest Virgin Mojito Recipe.

Ever since I got married, and I actually started cooking and experimenting with food, I wanted to do something new. With frequent house parties, I wanted to go past the fizzy drinks and soda cans on the table. I wanted to try something new.

Since we don't consume alcohol, I decided to dial it down a little notch and introduce virgin mojitos during dinner parties. With trial and error, this is my most perfected recipe. I can easily make it in a bunch and pour it in a glass jar. It is delicious and always a hit!

Things you will need:

  • A handful of mint leaves,
  • Sugar,
  • Half a lime, 
  • Sprite/7up (I prefer sprite),
  • Salt (optional)

I usually freeze a few mint leaves in ice cubes, they add a nice touch to the drink and enhance the flavour as well.

Take about 3-4 mint leaves in a mortar and pestle and add about two pinches of sugar. crush them and add add them in a glass. add a dash of lime juice some mint ice cubes and fill it the glass with sprite. taste it and add more lime juice to just the flavour.

If you are serving the mojito in a glass, you can decorate it with rubbing a little lime juice on the rim of the glass and dipping the glass rim in salt. And add a little slice of lime to give it an actual mojito touch.

There you go! Easy as anything and you don't even have to worry about getting it wrong! And I can assure you, it will be a hit amongst your guests during your parties.

Do you have any other drink recipes that you always make? Let me know in the comments down below.

5 things that I am thankful in life for.

In this time and age, there are things that we really take for granted. Rewind back to a few years and we would not have even imagined living the life we are right now.
Most of the days pass in such haze that we don't even realise what is happening around us. Some days, I just really want to step down and take the things in and reflect. Today was such a day. There are so many things that I am seriously thankful for. And without certain things, I wouldn't even be half the person I am right now.

1. Family.

As cliched as it sounds but family is what I am absolutely thankful for. Had it not been for my family, there is no way I would've been the person I am today. Their support, their fights, their encouragement and their sarcastic attitude, it all has helped me shape up as a person.  My parents, my siblings, my husband and my son is all I have right now and there is nothing I am more thankful in my life than them.

2. Sundays.

My husband works 6 days a week. And usually till late night. It is definitely hard to cope up when sometimes you just need to camp up with some in the living room and watch a cheesy movie. Or just someone adult around to talk to. But I have to keep reminding myself that he is only doing it for us. For our little family. For our future. He is not doing it for himself. But for us. So, Sundays are the only days off and we absolutely make the most of it. He makes sure that his phone is on silent and that he is giving the utmost attention to us. Sunday breakfast is usually my favourite time of the day. All three of us are huddled around the table and just generally having a good time.

3. Jillian Michaels.

Lets face it. Without her, I wouldn't have half loved my body as much as I do today. I mean it seriously. Before I had my little man, I was always skinny. No amount of food would transfer as fat and now I am 2 stones heavy. So I am thankful for Jillian because without her support and without her constantly motivating 'if you think you are going to die, follow Anita' I wouldn't have lost the weight I piled on.

4. Prayer.

Prayer heals. Whether you are sitting down, stuck during a busy work rush, or just doing school runs, you are always hanging by a prayer. It does not even have to be formal. Just a casual, 'God, please make this happen and I will be so happy' and there you are. Your prayers are getting accepted and you are just casually walking down, smiling, knowing that you are happy from within.

5. My blog.

Picture taken from Pinterest.

Another cliche, but I am truly and deeply thankful for my blog. It has given me a new insight in life and it has given me some motivation to do something with my life finally. I am not that slob anymore, sitting on the couch, in front of the television and wondering where the day went and what should i do. I don't suffer the usual bouts of depression anymore because I look forward to the day. It is slow, but definitely something that keeps me going.

I am truly blessed, thank the Lord.
What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments down below.

Contour on fleek - Makeup Revolution Iconic Contour Palette.

I am a major contour fan. The best part about doing makeup, is contouring. And even though I have a gazillion contour products, I will still go out and buy another one!

So, this time I went ahead and bought the Makeup Revolution contour palette! It is a very very close dupe of NYX's contour palette. While the NYX contour palette is for £18, the Makeup Revolution palette is for £8. It is mostly been out of stock in stores and online as well, but I was lucky enough to find it sitting behind a few other palettes in store.

My staple product in the makeup box is Benefit's Hoola bronzer, so I wanted something that works exactly like it.

The palette consists of eight shades. Four of them are contour shades and 4 are highlighting shades.

Starting with the contour shades, the first one is a very orange/bronze shade that you can just powder all over your face to give a little sun kissed/bronze goddess kind of look. The next shade has a tiny bit of shimmer in it and it looks lovely during date nights or when you want to glam up.

The next two shades are the perfect contour shades. I use the lighter one to shade out the contour from under the cheek bones when I feel that my contour is a little too harsh. The last shade is perfect for contouring. You do need to pick up a little more product to build up the colour. For beginners, this is perfect since you need a steady hand on contouring and not look like a mud slap. But for me, I wanted something more pigmented, so I used it on top of my L.a Girl Pro contour shade. It gave a nice finish and I can happily say, that it did last me a good 6 hours.

Coming to the lighter shades in the palette, two shades are matte and two shades have a little shimmer in it. The first one has a little shimmer and is a white iridescent shade. I have not touched the colour since it looks a little too flaky on my skin colour. The next shade is a matte white shade and I haven't used it either for the same above reason mentioned.

The third shade is a banana shade that every one raves about. The banana shade is a little powdery so it is good enough to highlight under your eyes. It is the same for a beginner, if they are struggling to get started with brightening their under eyes. The last shade is my favourite. It is the perfect shimmer shade to highlight my brow bone after I am done with filling in my brows. Usually most of the shades are a bit too white to highlight under the brows but this is perfect.

So, I have used quiet a lot of makeup revolution products. I did not like their eyeshades at all. They had too much of a fall out and they weren't pigmented enough for my liking. Their liquid lipsticks are a perfect dupe for a few MAC lipsticks. They did not hold well either. They turned quiet flaky and dried out on my lips. But that was a

good two years back so maybe they have changed their formula. But I am a huge fan of their blush palette and their makeup setting spray. And I might add this contour palette to my favourites! Its is currently available at makeup revolution's new website www.tambeauty.com and in super drug, if you are lucky enough.

I will rate this palette 7.5 out of 10 due to unavailability and the pigmentation factor! But I must say that it is a good enough beginner palette!

Emotionally wrecked with bullying.

Being bullied is the most horrible thing that can happen to a person. It leaves you emotionally wrecked, mentally exhausted and physically weak. I can not believe that I am actually writing about this now. For the most part of my life, I have kept quiet about it, smiled through it and ignored the fact that what happened was plain bullying.

All through middle school and high school, I was bullied to such an extent that the only way I found an out with, was pain. I used to come home from school and find relief in a blade. The teachers at school used to pick favourites and fellow students used to sit together and laugh. At first, I used to think that there was something wrong with me. I blamed my height. I was too short. Then I blamed my colour. I was too dark. Then I blamed my hormones. I had too much acne. Two whole years in high school, I used to run upstairs towards the toilets and used to sit with the cleaner and have my lunch quietly there and wait till the bell rang for the lunch time to be over. I had zero friends. They just did not want to mingle with me. I was the weird girl that everyone laughed at.

My parents were very busy with their lives and I don't blame them. They had more on their plate than they deserved. My siblings were too busy with handling the issues in their lives. So initially I had no one to talk to. I made a few fake email addresses to talk to my class mates but sooner or later they used to find out and I used to become the laughing stock again. Whatever I used to say to any of the class mates, it was circulated around and then made fun of. It was so bad that, when I made a friend in the last year of my high school, that friend never wanted to sit with me in the first place.

Social awkwardness grew. I had anxiety and panic attacks. I only wished for someone to talk to. And when I did find a few friends, my family hated them because I never used to hang out with my family. I had so much to let out that I rebelled and I used to fight with my family ever other day. Slowly and gradually, I started to find solace in books. I used to read every single day. Whatever book I could find, I used to end up reading it.

When I started college, that is when I realised that I had had enough of bullying. I made new friends. I was socially awkward at that time and I had a lot of trouble talking to new people. But I knew, that if it was not now, then it was never. Clich├ęd, I know. But it did work for me. I had friends of my own. I had people, I could rely on. People I could hang out with and share jokes and be happy with.

I still have a lot of anxiety in me. I get awkward when I have to talk to strangers. But I have been making a change. Instead of emailing or texting for work, I call them. I make sure that I talk. I stammer sometimes but I do talk. I have come a long way from the person I was forced to become and I am happy with what I have achieved.

Step up and recognise bullying. You do not deserve it. No one deserves isolation. No one deserves pain. No one deserves to be called weird and then laughed upon. If you see someone being bullied, help them and talk to them. Because all they really need is someone to talk to. I never had anyone to look up to but I am going to make sure that my children know that I am there with them at every step of them growing up. I am going to make sure, that my children do not become the bullies I had to encounter. So many people lose their lives, their loved ones because of bullying. And bullying just does not take place amongst children. Adult bullying is also very very common.

Talk to people. Get to know them. Not everyone is a bad human being. Help them out if they are being bullied. Helping will cost you nothing but bullying might cost you a life.

What turning 26 feels like.

So this Sunday, I turned 26. It feels a bit awkward. Am I an adult now? Or not? How do I seriously make it stop?

I have never been fond of birthdays. Never ever. I used to get excited about it when I was a child but as soon as I entered my teenage years, I realised that birthdays are not really my thing. They are kind of depressing. I mean I am absolutely fine a few days before my birthday. I am all happy and chirpy but on the day, I want to bawl my eyes out. And I have absolutely no idea why.

So, this year my husband kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I kept telling him that I really did not want anything. But then later, I thought, I could splurge on a good day of pampering. That is not materialistic, right? So after dropping Azlan to his school on Friday, off I went to a long day of pampering myself.

I got a haircut after 3 years, so that was pretty fantastic. I usually trim my hair myself every few weeks and ever since my previous hair dresser went off the radar, I don't really know who to trust. A friend of mine recommended Rush. So I booked an early appointment and had to calm my nerves because I really love my long hair. So, initially, I wanted to go for a fun long bob but I had my doubts, so I ended up getting a layered haircut and a fringe. And I could not have been more happier. The stylist did a great job and I have been recommending her to my friends ever since.

After getting my haircut, I went for a little stroll in the mall which ended up with a bank balance in minus (but husband decided to be extra generous and reinstate that amount). I got myself a few make up items and a few skin care bits.

Since Azlan goes to school for 2 sessions in a day, I decided to get myself a manicure and a pedicure. So I called the lady and told her that I will be coming in for a session. My feet were in such a bad state that I ended up staying for a proper hour.

This pedicure was the best thing ever!
On Sunday, my husband 'helped' in making a happy breakfast. I say happy because in our house, breakfasts are always rushed. Azlan is always saying 'no more' and I am quickly gulping down tea before it gets cold again and my husband is stuffing his face with cereal so he can leave for his job. So a happy breakfast on Sunday is a must thing for us. We spent the entire day slagging around the house and finally decided to go to dinner. I wanted to go somewhere nice and formal but usually all the halal fine dining areas are not child friendly, so we ended up having a good food coma-type dinner at Toros in Harrow.

A little surprise birthday present.
No birthdays are complete without a cake.
All in all, it was a good '26th birthday' day. But being 26 is not really what it feels like. There is so much I wanted to do in life and so much I wanted to accomplish but looking back, I feel I have not even lived up to half of what I expected myself to do. If you had asked me 6 years back about what I wanted to do, I would have straight up told you that I wanted to work in a fashion magazine. I wanted to be the next Meryl Streep of the fashion world. But sadly that did not work out. I keep being told that I quit whatever I start. I have not really found the passion for doing something. I work hard at something and then I lose sense of direction and then I am back to square one.

A little birthday #FOTD 
So hopefully, by next year I would have achieved something with my blog. Because I have never been more serious about it than ever, even though I have no friends or family actually supporting it. So here is to trying to watch where I am going and actually be sober about what I want to do and who I want to be in life.

Since Eid was next day, here is some temporary henna from Anoush.