Mini ASOS haul!

Okay, I love me some gold. Give me anything gold or rose gold and I am SOLD! I am also a sucker for trainers and rivets. Combine them together and badaboom!

I am always up on ASOS looking for stuff to buy but never end up buying because I just can not justify buying a lot of stuff. But this time, since my Christmas shopping was pending, I went ahead and not a single moment will be regretted. 

These rose gold plimsoll trainers from Lost Ink are everything! Style them with boy friend jeans or just regular skinnies and they will look BOMB! Can not wait to style them and wear them out. They are available on ASOS for £26.

Rivets are my favourite thing. If I could, I'd cover an entire wall with gold rivets. Valentino has set the most amazing rivet trend that will never go out of fashion. 

That being said, Yoki Fashion had this amazing bag that was calling out my name and I obviously had to answer the true calling. A year back I could only carry tote bags because I needed to stuff every possible thing for my baby. And now I can not live without cross-body bags. It was on sale for only £16! Unfortunately its out of stock on Asos. 

I do plan on doing another haul next month, if you are interested let me know what you'd like to see and I will try my best!

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