My Monthly Favourites - Feb-March 2016

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Kick starting the first post with my monthly favourites!

My first favourite is the Argan oil by ogx! This is one solid item. My hair has been through a lot of chemical treatments and I was literally going bald but my sister recommended me this beauty. It literally revived all my dead hair and gave them the conditioning that was missing! I also switched from the regular shampoos to Dove men+ care and that was the best decision of my life. It retails for  £6.99 and is available at all major super stores. it is also available in Pakistan via buy and sell pages and is usually available on pre-order.

My skin has been quiet a nightmare ever since I have had my baby. So since the past two years all I have been doing is experimenting with face washes and certain beauty regimes but nothing that worked has been consistent with the result. Enter: Garnier Pure Active, which I picked up as a gift for someone but I ended up keeping it and kya bataun yaar! that was the best decision of my life! My skin has never felt better in ages, my pores have definitely minimised and my blackhead issue has considerably reduced! Don't exactly remember the price but it was priced under £3 which is pretty great considering the job well done on my face!

I am a really hard person to please with scents. Like, i am into really strong scents.I usually end up buying men's perfumes. But Marc Jacobs' daisy has hooked me on like no other. Matlab yaaar, its does not smell like spring but it smells like spring, you know? It does not have that weird sweet spring smell to it. But rather has a femi-masculine (if that is a word) scent to it. The perfume is available in boots and retails for £30 for a 20ml bottle. If you are in Pakistan, House of Scents is great page to deal with for authentic perfumes.

Bath & body works has been my favourite ever since i can remember. it really needs to launch in the UK! One of my classic item is the stress relief candle. It is a 3 wick candle that burns equally so that is a plus point. The smell is actually refreshing that it makes the mind at peace and helps you think properly. Another favourite from the bath & body works range is the new release mad about you body wash and yaaaaaar the smell is so goood that I actually keep smelling myself (creep alert). Got these from Makkah when i was there a few weeks back.

Lastly, the Nivea after shave balm is no surprise. After Nikki tutorials suggested it to use it as a primer, it went VIRAL. Matlab it has been sold out in places like Chase up & Naheed. It is in fact no doubt THE best primer for makeup that I have ever used. My makeup has stayed put for over 10 hours with no smudging. Even a drugstore blush stayed on after using the after shave balm. It is a must have item in ever girls makeup bag. It is for around 400pkr in Pakistan and for £5 in the UK.

These products were used for a few months to get the perfect review for you guys! What are YOUR monthly favourites! Let me know and I shall check them out. 

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