Top 3 Blogger Inspirations.

Blogging is not an easy task. You need motivation, inspiration and constant reminders that you need to be on op of the game.

I have blogged on and off before and left it in between but this time I wanted to make sure that I stayed put and continued with it. I needed inspiration. I wanted to look up to bloggers who knew what they were doing and I have been following them since. 

I have rounded up three most favourite bloggers that I have been following for quiet a while and I always find inspiration from their style of blogging.

The Desi Wonder Woman.

Shehzeen Rehman is a lifestyle blogger and by far my favourite blogger of ALL times. I have a tiny girl crush on her so please pardon my favoritism. I was in Pakistan when I started sharing her 'diary of a super woman' posts and ever since then I have been following her posts religiously. Originally from Lahore, having lived in Karachi and now living in Dubai. She is fun. She is quirky. She is everything that I want a human to be. With an amazing sense of styling she tops my blogger list.

Instagram - shehzeenr
Snapchat - shehzeen-r

Miss Mulberry.

Sameera Ateeq is another amazing fashion blogger. With her fun style of writing, her blog posts become so interesting. Originally from Scotland but moved to Dubai after her marriage, She has the most impressive style of dressing! An extremely professional blogger who knows her work and keeps up with it,

Instagram - missmulberry
Snapchat - mismulberry123

Dulce Vita by J

Jowairiyya is a blogger I relate to the most. her being a mother obviously. I just recently started following her and I have fallen in love with her blog and her snaps. Based in London, her clothing style is something I always picture myself wearing and always take inspiration from it. 

Blog url - Dulce Vita by J
instagram - jriyya
snapchat - jriyya

Who are your favourite bloggers? Let me know and I shall check them out!


  1. I have so many favourite bloggers for so many different reasons but on the whole I love reading a wide variety of posts x