Eid LookBook featuring TshirtPolicy.

Before we start, can I just bring to notice that I have my very own domain name now? This has been the most exciting thing happen to me all week!

So, I know a lot of you are still struggling to put together an Eid outfit and with all the lawn joras, you definitely want something different! I have put together a few outfits that are both eastern and western and a bit of both! 

Outfit Number 1:

I designed this outfit myself and it was so easy to put together! It really put off the hassle of getting work done on a shirt and then getting it stitched and running to get the matching done and what not. I literally put this outfit together in half an hour. I found this net cloth and I knew what I had to do with it. Found a matching inner, dupatta and pants at the same shop and got it stitched. In total this outfit cost me 4000 pkr or £30. Pair it with the right shoes and jewellery and you're done! Shoes are from Newlook and bag is from Aldo.

Outfit Number 2:

I got this shirt from AghaNoor in Pakistan and instantly fell in love! It came with a matching inner. All I had to do was find ready made pants and a dupatta to go with it! In total this outfit cost me 3500 pkr or £25.

Outfit Number 3:

This is most definitely my favourite look! Its a proper fusion of eastern and western and a perfect outfit for an Eid get together with friends. Whether it is a barbeque party or a dine out, this look fits right in! The t-shirt is from T-shirt policy London and pants are from Primark, The coat/kimono is self designed, the handbag is Roberto Cavalli. and heels are from NewLook.

Outfit Number 4:

Doesn't this outfit blends just right in with the whole Eid look? The t-shirt again is from T-shirt Policy London. And can you imagine that I got this coat about 7 years ago? This was a part of what I wore to my sisters engagement and then after wearing it a few times, my mother kept it safe thinking that coats might come back in fashion. Who knew? (I think all south asian mothers keep their old clothes safe). The coat is from Needle Impressions. Heels are from Dune and purse is from Louis Vuitton. Hardly visible though haha!

Outfit Number 5:

This outfit was SO comfortable, I did not want to take it off. This is my perfect third day Eid outfit for a beach party! The entire outfit is from Primark and hardly cost me £20. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? The shoes are from Call it Spring!

Outfit Number 6:

This outfit is my perfect second Eid day outfit. Its so effortless chic and so comfortable! The t-shirt is from T-shirt Policy London and the chiffon coat is from TopShop. I got the coat a long time back so I have a hard time remembering the price! Shoes are from Lost lnk that I hauled a few months ago. And can i tell you, these shoes are the most comfiest plimsolls I have ever worn! 

Outfit Number 7:

Last outfit and I love this one! Now, Eid may be all about dressing up in heavy clothes but its also about dressing down and just having a good time! I absolutely love this look that I put together! Pants are from Primark again and t-shirt is from T-shirt Policy London. Bag is Chanel and shoes are from Dorothy Perkins.

So these are the looks that I put together for Eid and I am pretty sure I am donning three of them for Eid. Did you like these look? Let me know in the comments down below! And also share your ideas of a perfect Eid outfit! 

Happy Weekend everyone!