SuperWoman Of The Month - Amna Farhad

Can I just say that I am extremely excited to present this month's Super Woman. A lot of you know her as my sister but that is not why she is here. She has literally flipped her life over and given the best she can and guess what? She is getting better and better every day!

So without further ado, presenting the Super Woman of the month, Amna Farhad!

  • Who is Amna Farhad?

She is a young makeup artist who has done exceptionally well with her blending skills and highlight game always on point. I have literally seen her makeup transform from just kajal and lip gloss to a contour so sharp, it will shatter hearts. An exceptionally bright student who decided that medical school just was not built for her, she took makeup as her foundation to create a name for herself in the industry. (See what I did there?)

We asked a few questions from her to get to know more about her and the passion for makeup.

  • If you had not chosen makeup as your profession, what would you have been doing?

I would definitely be doing something in Psychology. I love that field.

  • What makes you a good fit for this field, with the competition being so tough?

Makeup is my passion and I can do it all day and not get tired of it! I compete with my own self. Nothing is more motivating than to see your own self improving! I have a couple of posts on Instagram showing my improvement over the years!

  • Where do you get your inspiration from?

My biggest makeup inspiration is Goar Avestiyan. Her makeup is amazing and I can not ever get over the looks she creates.

  • Highlight or contour?

Highlight all day, any day. I love love luminous and glowing skin.

  • What is your favourite makeup brush?

Real techniques' Buffer brush is my holy grail!

  • Bad brows or an uneven eyeliner?

That is a tough one, haha! Uneven eyeliner may still be tolerable for me! Always got to have a strong brow game as brows play an important role and good brows can change up a look completely!

  • One staple item that should be in every woman's purse?

A kick-ass lipstick!

  • What is a beauty hack that you follow even on your clients?

Baking! Helps to avoid the concealer from creasing which is a big pet peeve of mine! I cant stand creased concealing!

  • A makeup trend that was totally unnecessary?

Strobing! I think it went overboard and it was just another term for highlighting that we have been doing since a couple of years now!

Here are a few brides done by Amna herself!

And that is a wrap! We wish that Amna creates a huge impact in the makeup industry and reaches new heights for her future endeavors! 

Disclaimer - We had to add watermarks all over Amna's and her clients pictures due to plagiarism.

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  1. Nice photography. Like that four collage eyes pic most.

  2. Wow! Amna's skills are amazing (and I agree with her about strobing!)

  3. Wow, stunning make-up - she needs to come and do mine!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous looks! I'm sure Amna has an awesome career ahead of her :)

  5. Wow! I always struggle with my eyeliner - it's never consistent! She's so great - I'll need to try to copy the flick she does

    1. Ive been trying to get that flick proper but can never get it right! Everytime i get ready over at her place i always end up asking her to fix my eyeliner!

  6. Lovely interview. Uneven eye liner is tolerable for me too unlike bad eyebrows.

  7. Wow she's amazing at what she does. The before and after pic with the concealer is incredible x

  8. Stunning eye makeup, I especially love the one with the gold coloured shadow. Her blending skills are definitely fab!

  9. The photos are amazing, you truly need some skills to do that kind of make up. I love the baking tip very helpful. x

  10. The girl is amazing ❤️ She is an inspiration ✌
    I never been in touch in of makeup so deep but after following her get to know alot :)