SuperWoman Of The Month - The Desi WonderWoman, Shehzeen Rehman.

This month's SuperWoman does not need any introduction. She has taken over the desi world of blogging by storm with her fun bubbly nature and she is bound to get you hooked with her quirky style of writing. 

Introducing, *drumrolls* Shehzeen Rehman. She is the author of the blog, The Desi Wonder Woman. I have been following her since the very beginning and I still wait for her posts and her snapchats. She has basically been my inspiration to start blogging and try to be a little funny. (ha ha)

I did not want to do the typical 'tell me more about your blog' kind of interview, so the questions are basic but give a little insight into her life. 

  • What keeps you to stay grounded? 

Always remembering wherever you are in life is partly because of privilege. I’ve worked hard, I have good intent but I was privileged to be able to get the education, the home environment, the love that I grew up with. Also, I don’t think anyone gets anywhere without the ‘eco-system’ we live in. No one’s better than the other, everyone needs each other, all are the same.

  •  You quit your corporate life to work as a full time blogger. If blogging was not your cup of tea, what else would have been the driving force to make you quit your job? 

Blogging didn’t make me quit. I just evolved into someone who wasn’t mentally satisfied by a corporate environment anymore. No doubt I learnt exponentially at my previous job and I wouldn’t trade that period or learning for anything, however, despite my professional growth being on an upward trend, my personal growth was getting stunted. So I chose to step away. Blogging just happened to make it easy and happened at the right time. My driving force was solely my desire to live a life where I would be content with my overall life at the end of each day.

  •  If you had to redo one part of your apartment all over again, what room would it be? 

I don’t think I’m over any space yet but I do want to make over my guest room which currently looks like a garbage dump. I want to keep space for guests while sectioning off an area for my work studio. It would streamline my work a lot and save me a lot of wasted hours in the setup-dismantle-repeat operations I’m doing every other day.

  • Chai or falooda? 

I hate you.

  •  If N bhai had to look like a celebrity, which one would he be? 

Umm, I really don’t want to alter anything but if this is happening at gunpoint, then Brandon Boyd five years ago. He’s the lead singer for Incubus and is currently going through a terrible, let’s-see-how-long-I-can-avoid-a-shower phase. But before that, I’d go for him because I’d love to make out with that face in real (no comment on whether that’s happened in multiple dreams or not).

  • I have seen absolutely no hate on your blog. have you ever been faced with criticism that just pulled you down? how did you deal with it? 

I have started getting a few ‘off’ comments here and there but I frankly think I’ve been very lucky that nearly everyone who chooses to express themselves on the blog is good at heart so 99% of my experience has been stellar. I know it won’t remain that way forever, especially if I keep growing. But negative feedback generally doesn’t bother me. Of course I don’t think it’s right for anyone to pull anyone down, but when it happens, it never gets to me because any stinking comment is never about you, it’s just that person having a bad day….or a bad life. Read and move on.

  • During your very first Q & A, you mentioned that you do not like to add expensive items to your wardrobe, how do you balance it out? 

I don’t know, I’ve never been pulled towards overly expensive items. I’m happy with budget buys and I choose not to spend my money beyond a certain price point, even if I can afford it. It’s just not me. And because I don’t feel a hole in my soul so I guess it works out for me.

  • If you had to live without one of your favourite food, what would it be? 

Refer to question 4.

  • I have been following you right since the beginning and you have done amazingly well and have come a really long way. Have you ever had to sit down to come to terms with a surreal moment you thought you would never be able to achieve? 

(Thanks for reading since the beginning *insert smiley*) Not really. I know it sounds like bull but I don’t see most things in life, including the blog, as very ‘real’. I’m happy when things go well and I appreciate the good I have in life but the only surreal things in my life are my life partner, love for my family, my mental growth (when I compare myself to my past mistakes), my emotional capacity, empathy for others – these are things I didn’t know I could have and therefore the only things that make me sit down and come to terms with every few days. Everything else is a good-to-have. I’m ridiculously grateful for them, including the blog, but they’re not things that define the overall experience of life for me. Of course, I’d be sad to lose them (hope not, though), but I know I’d move on.

  • You have been extremely fortunate to work with people that one can only dream of working with. Where do you want to take your blog in 2 years time? 

I just want to grow mentally and emotionally, whether that’s with or without the blog. I don’t have a defined set of goals for the blog, which may not be the best business strategy but I’m cool with it. I work hard on it like any other job and it’s very close to my heart but I don’t want to confine it to anything, not even an aspiration. It may mean less success for someone else but it appeals to me more this way. It should just tie into my overall life strategy and things are set.

Thank you Shehzeen for taking the time out to do this interview. I hope you reach amazing heights and have even more fun with life than you actually do right now! 


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