Contour on fleek - Makeup Revolution Iconic Contour Palette.

I am a major contour fan. The best part about doing makeup, is contouring. And even though I have a gazillion contour products, I will still go out and buy another one!

So, this time I went ahead and bought the Makeup Revolution contour palette! It is a very very close dupe of NYX's contour palette. While the NYX contour palette is for £18, the Makeup Revolution palette is for £8. It is mostly been out of stock in stores and online as well, but I was lucky enough to find it sitting behind a few other palettes in store.

My staple product in the makeup box is Benefit's Hoola bronzer, so I wanted something that works exactly like it.

The palette consists of eight shades. Four of them are contour shades and 4 are highlighting shades.

Starting with the contour shades, the first one is a very orange/bronze shade that you can just powder all over your face to give a little sun kissed/bronze goddess kind of look. The next shade has a tiny bit of shimmer in it and it looks lovely during date nights or when you want to glam up.

The next two shades are the perfect contour shades. I use the lighter one to shade out the contour from under the cheek bones when I feel that my contour is a little too harsh. The last shade is perfect for contouring. You do need to pick up a little more product to build up the colour. For beginners, this is perfect since you need a steady hand on contouring and not look like a mud slap. But for me, I wanted something more pigmented, so I used it on top of my L.a Girl Pro contour shade. It gave a nice finish and I can happily say, that it did last me a good 6 hours.

Coming to the lighter shades in the palette, two shades are matte and two shades have a little shimmer in it. The first one has a little shimmer and is a white iridescent shade. I have not touched the colour since it looks a little too flaky on my skin colour. The next shade is a matte white shade and I haven't used it either for the same above reason mentioned.

The third shade is a banana shade that every one raves about. The banana shade is a little powdery so it is good enough to highlight under your eyes. It is the same for a beginner, if they are struggling to get started with brightening their under eyes. The last shade is my favourite. It is the perfect shimmer shade to highlight my brow bone after I am done with filling in my brows. Usually most of the shades are a bit too white to highlight under the brows but this is perfect.

So, I have used quiet a lot of makeup revolution products. I did not like their eyeshades at all. They had too much of a fall out and they weren't pigmented enough for my liking. Their liquid lipsticks are a perfect dupe for a few MAC lipsticks. They did not hold well either. They turned quiet flaky and dried out on my lips. But that was a

good two years back so maybe they have changed their formula. But I am a huge fan of their blush palette and their makeup setting spray. And I might add this contour palette to my favourites! Its is currently available at makeup revolution's new website and in super drug, if you are lucky enough.

I will rate this palette 7.5 out of 10 due to unavailability and the pigmentation factor! But I must say that it is a good enough beginner palette!