The Yin and Yang of Motherhood.

The sadness and the anger that surfaces after having a rough day and all your child does, is throw the spaghetti all over the dining area. You just want to scream, cry and just go back in time when you did not care about getting married or having a family.

But you let your child get off the high chair, tell him to go to sleep hungry and clean up the mess. But you both know that neither of you will be able to sleep properly. Him on an empty stomach and you going crazy with worry. So you quickly prepare something easy and give him to eat. Motherhood wins.

Motherhood is terrible but it is a beautiful miracle at the same time. I get offended when people say that I have got it all sorted. No I haven't. They do not know what it is like to wake up at 7am and going to bed at 12am with hell to handle in between. Whether you are a stay at home mother or a working mother, your family comes first and you can do absolutely anything and everything to make sure that they stay first in your priority list.

But that does not mean that you let evil win. It is okay to zone out with your phone time to time. It is absolutely okay to let them have ice cream for breakfast. It is okay to exclusive breast freed your child. And It is okay if you give the child formula milk. There should be no argument on that anyway.
It is okay if your child co-sleeps and it is okay if your child sleeps in their own bed and sleep through the night. Why is there any discussion on that, anyway? You are the mother. You know better. You gave birth to the child. You help them close at night when all they did was cry. You were the one who stayed up all night even if they had so much as a stuffy nose.

I do want to be that mother in skinny jeans and high heeled boots walking down the street, with their mini fashionista(s) to the park. But I am not going to let evil win. I am going to eat healthy but cheat off with that cheesecake before any of my child gets to it.

It is perfectly okay to try to Pinterest your child's birthday party and failing miserably at it. So you run to the nearest Tiger and get all the fun supplies your credit card can max out with and make a day out of it! Back in my days, our birthday parties consisted of a table filled with food from the bakery and a small area where the we had to entertain ourselves with made up games. But it will be okay if your child's birthday did not consist of a bouncy castle or a magic clown or a ten pound cake that looks like fairies hand crafted it. In the end, if your child had fun at their own birthday party, they are going to remember it. And not the buntings that were the perfect shade of Pinterest purple.

No do not get me wrong. I do spend hours on Pinterest, jotting down the things I can do and I want to do. Some are major fails and some do come out fine but that does not mean that I ruin someone's day because a certain idea did not come out the way I wanted to.

Your child is not going to remember you working yourself off for being a perfect mother. They will remember you crying at the end of the day when you think you have failed. They will remember the frustration that comes out of you when you think that things have been going wrong. Give your child something happy to remember. Like the time when they stay up past their sleeping time and when they come down the stairs, they see you and your husband cuddled up watching a movie. Or when they are grown up and washing the dishes, they hum the song you used to hum when you used to do your chores.

Do not let the evil take over your motherhood. Enjoy it while they name their fingers with funny names. Being a mother is gift and you can not exchange it just because it did not fit. Cherish it because I keep hearing, they will grow up so quickly, that you will wonder where time went.