What turning 26 feels like.

So this Sunday, I turned 26. It feels a bit awkward. Am I an adult now? Or not? How do I seriously make it stop?

I have never been fond of birthdays. Never ever. I used to get excited about it when I was a child but as soon as I entered my teenage years, I realised that birthdays are not really my thing. They are kind of depressing. I mean I am absolutely fine a few days before my birthday. I am all happy and chirpy but on the day, I want to bawl my eyes out. And I have absolutely no idea why.

So, this year my husband kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I kept telling him that I really did not want anything. But then later, I thought, I could splurge on a good day of pampering. That is not materialistic, right? So after dropping Azlan to his school on Friday, off I went to a long day of pampering myself.

I got a haircut after 3 years, so that was pretty fantastic. I usually trim my hair myself every few weeks and ever since my previous hair dresser went off the radar, I don't really know who to trust. A friend of mine recommended Rush. So I booked an early appointment and had to calm my nerves because I really love my long hair. So, initially, I wanted to go for a fun long bob but I had my doubts, so I ended up getting a layered haircut and a fringe. And I could not have been more happier. The stylist did a great job and I have been recommending her to my friends ever since.

After getting my haircut, I went for a little stroll in the mall which ended up with a bank balance in minus (but husband decided to be extra generous and reinstate that amount). I got myself a few make up items and a few skin care bits.

Since Azlan goes to school for 2 sessions in a day, I decided to get myself a manicure and a pedicure. So I called the lady and told her that I will be coming in for a session. My feet were in such a bad state that I ended up staying for a proper hour.

This pedicure was the best thing ever!
On Sunday, my husband 'helped' in making a happy breakfast. I say happy because in our house, breakfasts are always rushed. Azlan is always saying 'no more' and I am quickly gulping down tea before it gets cold again and my husband is stuffing his face with cereal so he can leave for his job. So a happy breakfast on Sunday is a must thing for us. We spent the entire day slagging around the house and finally decided to go to dinner. I wanted to go somewhere nice and formal but usually all the halal fine dining areas are not child friendly, so we ended up having a good food coma-type dinner at Toros in Harrow.

A little surprise birthday present.
No birthdays are complete without a cake.
All in all, it was a good '26th birthday' day. But being 26 is not really what it feels like. There is so much I wanted to do in life and so much I wanted to accomplish but looking back, I feel I have not even lived up to half of what I expected myself to do. If you had asked me 6 years back about what I wanted to do, I would have straight up told you that I wanted to work in a fashion magazine. I wanted to be the next Meryl Streep of the fashion world. But sadly that did not work out. I keep being told that I quit whatever I start. I have not really found the passion for doing something. I work hard at something and then I lose sense of direction and then I am back to square one.

A little birthday #FOTD 
So hopefully, by next year I would have achieved something with my blog. Because I have never been more serious about it than ever, even though I have no friends or family actually supporting it. So here is to trying to watch where I am going and actually be sober about what I want to do and who I want to be in life.

Since Eid was next day, here is some temporary henna from Anoush.