The Ultimate Wizarding Geek Gift Guide.


This post is going to be a long one, so you might as well 'Accio Coffee' for yourself!

So since December is upon us, season greetings to everyone! My family and friends keep asking what I want for my birthday, anniversary and all sorts of yearly events. And I keep telling them that I am fine with anything. And I end up getting so many perfumes and clothes and what not. So my dear friends and family, I am sitting down and making a list of what I want for my next birthday. Husband, if you are reading this, please don't waste your time thinking whether I would rather have that perfume or a trip to Harrods with your credit card in my hand. A trip to Hogwarts would be nice too, though.

So here it is! My ultimate wizardry gift guide for all ya muggles.

1. Mirror of Erised.

Could this get any cooler? I mean seriously. Imagine how cool I would look when I pull my compact mirror out of the bag and all the muggles would be wondering what does that mirror do. I see what I desire. That eyeliner on fleek though. You can find the product here.

2. Wizard makeup? What kinda magic is that?

So, recently the internet blew up with the wand makeup brushes! Everyone wanted a set for themselves. But I guess we weren't ready yet. News then came that the brushes were a hoax. Worry not my child.

Seriously, who would not want to keep opening this makeup bag to coat their eyelashes with 10 coats of mascara? Shop the bag here.

You better watch out! They might suck the happiness out of you. But at least you will have hydrated lips. Shop the product here.

LOOK HOW MAGICAL DO THESE LOOK!! My favourite has to be Salazar! Such a 'power hungry Slytherin' shade. Shop the product here.

3. Aguamenti!

If you aren't familiar, Aguamenti creates fresh pure water from the caster's wand. And if you are a gym fanatic or like running up and down Hogsmead, then this sports bottle is meant for you. Shop the product here.

4. A cup of tea, maybe?

Okay so I may not be a coffee addict but give me a hot cuppa tea anytime of the day and I might not cast a freezing spell on you.

I legit sobbed my eyes out when Dobby died. So this mug puts a smile on my face knowing that Dobby was with his friends when he was no more. He was a free elf. Shop the product here.

The Bowtruckle was my favourite after the niffler! As clingy as my little one. The separation issues I had to go through with with my son, were seen in the bowtruckle. Shop the product here.

5. Phone case.

I keep staring at it incase the Thunder bird wants to be set free. Shop the product here.

Its never too late for another harry potter phone case, right? I think I have lost count of how many I have bought and still keep buying! Shop the product here.

7.  Enamel Pins.

This year was the rise of denim jackets over dressed with Enamel pins. And its still on the rise.

This niffler enamel pin is calling my name out. Can I has a pet, please? Seriously. My pet level bar has been raised a bit too high and these guinea pigs no more fascinate me. Shop the product here.

Also, although there are so many Harry Potter enamel pins available in the market now, this one has got to be my favourite. It reminds me of George and Fred and their never ending pranks. And also reminds me of how incomplete George was with Fred. Shop the product here.

8. Clothing. 

You can not go wrong with wizarding clothes. Since winter is upon us, a house scarf would be an absolute favourite! Fandom t-shirts are still the rage and Primark hasn't failed to deliver that. If you are taking a trip to town anytime, do check out Primark's range of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts clothing and I am sure you are going to love it. Shop the slytherin t-shirt here.

9. Candles.

No gift is complete without a candle. Come on now. Yankee candles got no shade over these wizarding candles.

Soy Candles are all the rage right now. And people are loving it! Shop the product here.

You can not just not buy the magizoologist candle when buy buying a present! Shop the product here.

If you are not a Soy candle fan, then these candles are definitely going to make you hand over all the money and buy these in bulk! I am absolutely in love with these candles! Shop the product here.
Psst, even if you are a Mr. Darcy fan, THEY HAVE THEM!!!

I am sure, your Etsy basket is full and your bank account has been damaged. Have fun you little muggles! Until next time!