A Girl's Guide To A Home Emergency Kit

There are so many times when you wished you had a certain product at home that could've saved you from an embarrassing moment. You keep an emergency kit in the car. An emergency kit in your handbag but you never think about keeping one in your home. Why? Because you have access to things at home right? But what if you run out of those accessible products in your home only? This is where a home emergency kit comes in.

Want to know what to add to this kit? Here is a list:

1. Dry shampoo/ Hair colourant.

I can't seem to count the numerous occasions I have had to wash my hair and blow dry it in a manic rush. How many times have I wished that I had picked up that dry shampoo and I could have saved so much time without washing my hair and concentrated more on my makeup and actually putting an outfit together.

Recently, a lot of companies have started introducing temporary spray colourants, which, if you ask me, is absolutely GENIUS. How many times have you had to cover your hair with your eyeshadows? Or wished you had taken an early hair dye appointment? Then my dear friend, this is where this genius product comes in. Hitting the late 20's comes with grey hair and frequent hair dyeing. And I have saved myself from so many embarrassing hair disasters with this temporary hair colourant.

2. Tweezers/Depilatory Strips/Razors.

I know we all have razor backups and what not. But I have read so many frantic cries from fellow girls where they had a body hair emergency. If you don't own an epilator or sometimes when you are like me and always forget to charge yours, then you NEED to keep these products in this kit.

Anytime you're doing your makeup and suddenly see the stray eyebrow hair just chilling around? Tweeze. Saving that moustache for no shave November? Depilatory strips. Decided to quickly change your outfit to a sleeveless one? Or a pretty skater dress? Razor it.

3. Mask Sheets.

I make sure that I have a few mask sheets excess in stock. I always buy mask sheets to keep some handy. But incase I run out, the one in the kit will always come to the rescue.

I make it a point that anytime I have to attend a big event, I put on a mask so that my skin is literally glowing like a firefly's bum. So, if you ever feel that your skin is looking like a cracked Sahara Desert, these masks will come in handy.

4. Hygiene.

We often forget the main thing that builds up one's personality. Even if we bathe in our favourite perfume after dressing up, we do need a deodorant. Always make sure to keep one in your kit just in case you run out of your current one. I LOVE men's deodorants. The sweet smelling stuff is totally not my game.

Sanitary napkins, tampons and disposable underwear should always be a part of this kit.

5. Basic items.

You never know when you might need to wear a cold should top and run out of transparent bra straps. Always keep a packet of bra straps handy. Smaller things but important ones like safety pins, lint roller and band-aids should ALWAYS be kept in this kit.

I can not even begin to tell you how many times this kit has come to my rescue. And I have also made sure that my mother and my sisters have one at home too! What else would you add to the kit? Let me know in the comments down below.