Review - Face Inc Masks by Nails Inc.

So if you follow me on Instagram, a few weeks back, I posted a picture of the sheet masks that I got from Boots. They were the sheet masks from Face Inc, owned by Nails Inc.

I was pretty excited to use these because, one, my skin had been acting up lately and secondly, I have seen that sheet masks are easier to put on and a lot less messy and work a treat. Currently, many companies have started introducing sheet masks with some sort of graphic on them and that is really really cool! They have 4 sheet masks in the range.

I bought three sheet masks and they retail at £5 each. Flower Power, Cat Nap and 40 Winks were the three masks I picked up.

Cat Nap - 

Okay the first impression was that, they are harder to put on. If you have a rectangular face shape or a horizontal oval shape, they will be more comfortable to put on. I have a more of a square face shape and it was definitely uncomfortable to keep it on. They didn't cover my nose completely and they just reached about till my chin.

Moving forward, I felt a light tingling sensation on my skin. Not too much though. Not something that I couldn't bear or that it was really annoying me. I knew the mask was working. You are supposed to keep the mask on for 15 minutes and then take it off.

After 15 minutes, I could see that my skin felt fresher and more radiant. I rubbed off the excess liquid on my skin and washed my face about 3 hours later. While I was washing my face, I could feel that my skin had become more softer and more supple. I really liked the feeling. How ever the results lasted only for 24 hours. You need to use these masks regularly to see an actual difference.

The Cat Nap mask is definitely something that one should try before going to a big event or a date.

Flower Power - 

I love the mask because it has my favourite snap chat filter on it! The mask was the same as before though. I had a very uncomfortable feeling keeping it on because it did not cover my entire face.

Coming to the effect of the mask, I must say I really liked this one! I had a little bit of red skin flaring up near my nose and this mask instantly soothed my skin! Like the previous mask, I kept it on for 15 minutes and then massaged the excess liquid and washed my face after 3 hours! This mask really hydrated my skin!

40 Winks - 

I love how this masks look! The eyelashes and the red lipstick are totally my thing!

I wasn't expecting much off of this mask. It did tighten my skin a little bit but nothing major obviously. I am going to pick this mask up again and try it out to see the full results. I absolutely love how they are drenched with the liquid and do not dry out quickly.

So do I like these masks?

These are definitely one of those perk me up masks that you use on your night in or something that you can use before some big event or date like I mentioned above. I don't see myself picking up these masks again for a long term use. I will definitely pick up the 40 Winks mask to see the full effects. I might pick them up when I am feeling down and my skin needs a little cheering up!