Review: Placenta on my face?!

So a few weeks back, I received a package from Cozynyummy, which is a recent start up business and deals in health and beauty.

I have been loving my skin these days because of a major skin care routine change. I realised how important it is to look after your skin and give it all the best you can. 
These came in a small pink organza bag! How adorable is it?
I received a few Korean sheet masks. Now, Korean skin care is something that one should definitely try. HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR SKIN?! Its like a smooth canvas of skin. I am absolutely in love with the Korean skincare and their mask sheets. You don't just have the regular products. They come up with the most unique ingredients ever.

So coming back to CozynYummy, they have their own website and an amazon shop too incase you want to make sure where you are spending your money. 

1. Fresh Fruit and Cucumber mask.

You have an important event coming up. But your skin refuses to behave. These masks are going to save you from all the skin disasters. Honey is known for its toxic extraction properties. And what is better than to put a sheet mask on your face full of honey goodness and give your skin a treat?! I used the mask a few hours before our regular date night and my skin was literally glowing. Although you have to use these masks twice a week for a better result, but one application gave me such an amazing result.

Cucumber is known for its soothing properties and for years, people have been using cucumber juice and pulp to make the skin feel more soothed and more elastic. The cucumber mask although didn't make a huge difference, it did give my skin a small spa retreat from all the make up that I have been slapping on.

2. Whitening smart mask & Platinum Essential Mask.

You might think that I am joking but the whitening smart mask from MediHeal was BOMB on my skin! I am not joking. It has a two step process. A mask base which is a gel that needs to be applied and patted in to the skin and then the mask application. This mask has to be used twice a week for a month to see the ultimate results but SERIOUSLY. 

My skin GLOWED! Its not a whitening mask as such that it will change your skin colour (LOL) but it did improve my skins texture and reduce the dullness! The Platinum Essential mask is also from MediHeal and is amazing for fine lines and wrinkles! It did give my skin that elastic loving which only lasted for 48 hours.

3. Placenta and EGF mask.

Can I just take a moment and thank the Lord for 3D masks? They are the MOST well fitting masks EVER. These masks have a small stitching going down in the middle with such a well fit under the chin. Like these masks STAY. They don't slip down AT ALL. 
When in doubt, snapchat filter it. Also, see what I meant by the stitching going through the middle?
Okay so coming back to the workings, the mask have a thick gel essence. Like you can see thick pieces of gel attached to the mask and it made sure that my mask stayed on! 
Obviously with one application, you won't see drastic results, but I can definitely see a little bit of difference! 
I was so scared to put the placenta mask on, but once it was on, it felt like another normal mask! After I took it off, my skin felt SO SO good. I think i am going to order a few more of these and use them more often! 

The EGF or the Epidermal Growth Factor mask is also going in my shopping basket! This mask is meant to repair your skin from acne marks, acne scars and little acne dents in the skin. It heals your skin and restores its properties. And so it did even with one application! I am truly amazed! SO if you are having doubts about buying these, go ahead and BUY them! They work amazingly well!


  1. These look great. I've never tried a sheet mask before

  2. Fab post. I can definitely see a clear difference on your face too.

  3. I've tried a few sheet masks in the past and love the Sephora ones x

  4. The Whitening smart mask & Platinum Essential Mask sounds great and loving the sheet mask x

  5. oh my gosh, these look so wonderful, I love cucumber mask and how my skin feels afterward, These choices in your article of the different mask look wonderful and worth trying.

  6. Lovely selection of face masks. The cucumber and fresh fruit mask sounds right up my street. I love looking after my skin too, TLC all the way.

  7. These look really interesting, I haven't used a sheet mask before x

  8. Ooh this looks intriguing - will definitely give it a go! :)

  9. I have to say not for me, but the wife would love it, she likes the weird and wonderful lotions and potions x


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