10 Top Mother & Son Dates.

The internet is filled with videos and articles about Father and Daughter dates. And Father and Son dates! But has anyone really appreciated Mother and Son dates? There is so much fun you can have along with boys and in my case, it is more fun with them! Why do you even want to go on small dates with your children? One, when you are at home and talking to your child while doing chores, you are not giving them the one on one. So, it becomes like a daily routine for them. Two, they get to choose and have more fun when you are more relaxed and having fun with them without worrying about other things.

Little things that create long lasting happy memories for the children are the best. You do not need to spend a lot of money to go out on dates with your children.

  Picnic at the park/ Feeding the ducks.

This is my ultimate favourite. As soon as the sun is out, we quickly grab our picnic blanket and our small picnic basket and run to the park! We feed the ducks, have our picnic while chattering away and then he runs off to the swings. While I sit down and read. We both unwind this way and make a day out of it!

Breakfast dates.

Every Saturday, we make it a point to laze in the bed till we actually have to get up and walk our way to a small café near our place. Crepes and hot chocolate is the best breakfast ever!

  Living room movie night.

My husband usually travels every few months due to his work. And the weekend he travels, my son picks a movie up and we camp in the living room. Soda, popcorn, blankets and fairy lights and then dozing off half way through the movie is absolute bliss!

 Museum or Vintage Car shows.

London is a happening city! So, there is always a car show around the town and my son LOVES cars. So far, we have been to two car shows and he absolutely loved it.

He also loves dinosaurs. So, a visit to the museum has always been the highlight of our day out!

Cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

I am not a huge baker. So, during our grocery runs, we buy brownie batter and mix it up in our kitchen and love watching it bake. On some days, we make our favourite spaghetti dish and pig out till our stomachs are full!

Trampoline park/Indoor play area.

Last year, a lot of trampoline parks opened up in nearly all the major cities. And it has to be my son’s favourite. Already he is jumping around the house, and trampoline parks are like a bonus for him. After our hour is up, we are literally waay too exhausted to even talk to each other. Else, we love going to indoor play areas. Its so much fun catching each other in the whole maze of a soft play.


Again, when the sun is out, he brings out his gardening tools and I buy small flower seeds or stems from the pound shop and we plant them all over the garden! We make a whole day out of it an it’s the best!

 Water and Paint fight.

We have recently been doing this every week and it is our favourite day to spend. I don’t encourage any kind of water guns in our house, so we fill up balloons with water and paint and have a blast doing drenching each other!

 Go swimming together.

We just very recently found a pool near our place and every once in a while, we jump on the bus and make our way to the pool. And after the pool time is over, we just sit in the café and fill in our tummies with warm food!


Since I graduated in Media art, painting has always been a passion of mine. And my son gets it from me too! So, we set up our paint canvases in our backyard and paint to our hearts content. Usually ends up in me cleaning up the mess but we do have fun!

Do you have a son? How do you spend a carefree day with him? I would love to go bowling with him but he is a tad bit too small for it at the moment. But adding it to the list once he grows a little big.