Blogging - Taking me away from the dark side of life.

Can I just put a disclaimer first? Blogging is not just rainbows and butterflies like many people think. We don't just get to sit home and write, take pictures and use free products. Well we do. But there is hard work involved. Background pictures, investing in backgrounds, good lightening, taking pictures, building your website, interacting with other bloggers, finish off meetings and lots more! And if you are a parent blogger, you need to juggle the children, their food, their tantrums, playing with them and doing your work on the side that sods off till they are in bed. And while I am typing, my little one is wiping his nose with my shirt and demanding that I let him drink my RedBull.

So since my blog turns a year old this month, I can not contain my happiness. With blogging, as cliched as it sounds, I have re-discovered myself and I know what to make a career out of. I never really got to work before my marriage. Right off from my university to marriage. And being a housewife although majorly my choice, I wanted financial freedom. I tried getting into a few makeup classes so i could purse a career as a makeup artist. but well, that went down the drain. Thought of taking up teaching, but then I had my own child to handle.

A whole year later, after battling post-partum depression on my own and continuously fighting with my husband, I decided to start my blog as a hobby. To keep me away from evil thoughts all the time. But because I was travelling so much and I never knew about blogger support groups and the know how of blogging, that got left in between. Come 2016, I decided to take blogging seriously. I knew if I could stick to blogging, I wouldn't worry about other things as much.

So I took things slowly. And although I initially started my blog as a parenting blog, my first post up was a fashion haul. Just a quick reality check: VERY few people from your friends and family are going to support you because they do not see blogging as a full time job. They think that you just have to sit down and write. So you have to stick up for yourself and do what you love. Slowly and gradually I started gathering readers. Even if there were only 10 views a month, I had faith in myself.

I never stuck to one single niche on my blog. I know many bloggers tell you to stick to one niche but I was never that kind of person. I wanted to do everything on my own! So my blog covers everything. From beauty, fashion, lifestyle, parenting and food. Do what you like and do what you want. Also, when I first started blogging, I used to compare myself to SO many bloggers. Literally, me, a newbie, used to compare myself to bloggers that have been working since a minimum of three years. Don't ever do that if you plan to take up blogging. You are only going to ruin your day and your faith in the work you do.

Blogging has truly built up my confidence. I look at myself as a completely new person. It has taken away half of my anxious state and I am more aware of how to approach people and brands. I have an open mind. I know how to juggle family and work. I have my own financial independence, even though its literally compared to nothing but at least I have those few pounds in my hands. My husband looks at me in a different light. He knows that I don't sit and laze around the house all day. There is a new found respect in our relationship. Blogging has helped me with my anxiety so much. I used to stutter with nervousness while talking to strangers and friends and it has all but gone away.

So this year, I thank the Lord for blessing me with the idea of blogging. For helping me to find a way out when I was on the edge to call blogging quits. This year, cheers to blogging and to all the bloggers that have helped me reach where I am. Thank you.