Dating your partner after having children.

We all have come to terms with the fact that parenting is a full time job and there is literally no tracing your steps back. What people do not realise is that, it is perfectly normal to crave freedom and trying to get out for a while and there is absolutely no shame in trying to spice things up with your partner. Parents literally have zero time on their hands to actually get work done so let alone trying to fit in a quick date with your significant other.

So after the days work and with the kids asleep, all you want to do is get under the duvet and dose off as soon as your close your eyes. But we often forget that it is important to give each other your time and relax so maintain a healthy relationship and a general happy atmosphere in the house.

My husband and I haven't gone on a date in AGES. I can not even remember the last time we went to the cinema to watch a movie together. But we do take out time for doing little things that is just our alone time and get more comfortable in each others lives.

1. Breakfast dates.

I know, I know that breakfast is a rushed situation in most households but it literally is the most important meal and time that your spend with your family. My husband usually drops my son to school and then goes off to work. But every once in a while, he will go in late just to take me out for breakfast. We drop our little man to school and then go to a nearby cafe to catch a quick breakfast. It is literally the only time, I am not worrying about my son spilling tea all over. So once your child(ren) are in school, go on and grab a quick breakfast together!

2. Family help/Baby sitter.

So this one is a little tricky. I do not have any family here  in London and I am generally very very scared to get a babysitter so this one does not apply to me! But I am quiet excited for family to come visit me here so my husband and I can sneak out for a date night with nothing to worry about. But if you have family around and you are more comfortable with the idea of hiring a baby sitter, then seriously, what is stopping you from occasionally going out on a date? Dress up and have fun! 

3. Movie Nights.

I love love love movie nights with the husband! I seriously look forward to them every single week! We sometimes have them twice a week and it is just the most favourite time of the week for me! Since we can not go out to the cinema, we bring the cinema home! I plan ahead for movie nights. So I skip nap time for my son during the day and he goes to bed early after dinner. The husband and I have ample time to finish a movie, snack on literally everything and generally have fun! Sometimes we watch an old Indian movie or we stream a new movie that has hit the charts! Switch off all the lights and have some popcorn, tortilla chips, soda and lots of sweets to munch on!

4. Family dates.

I love family dates! And we literally have the best time ever! If your child is a bit older, then you can go bowling as a family. Maybe go to the zoo on a sunny day and make a picnic out of it! Even if you don't want to go out and want to stay in the house, make a small picnic in the backyard! Put in some activities like water balloons, paint fights, a small cricket or football match will just do the trick and bring you way closer in as a family. And the laughing fits that escalate after, are the best thing ever!

5. Child friendly restaurants.

Skip the regular dinner nights that end up in burger joints or pizza places. Look for fine dining options that have a child friendly atmosphere. A lot of restaurants are combining fine dining with being child friendly. And I seriously can not thank them enough. As much as we love our kids, we do love going out and indulging in good food without worrying about other people harassing us about bringing our kids for fine dining. Feed your kid from home if they are a bit too small to eat themselves. So you do not have to worry about feeding them and then focusing on your food. Happy tummies also lead to a joyful time, in my case.

These are some of the ideas that you can use to rekindle the love in your relationship. To experience a healthy relationship is very very important to create a general happy atmosphere in the house. The children witness love and etch it in their memory and they grow up respecting their own relationships. If you have a bit of saving, then you can also go for a staycation as a family. The children can relax with the activities and you do not have to worry about the stress of always hawking them out.