Bidvine Review

07 April Ayesha Farhad 2 Comments

As a former art student and now a full time mother, it is so difficult to catch up on your passions and your goals. I have been into painting since I can remember and it is one of the reasons that I am more calmer in person now. The creative streak that comes from painting is just absolute amazing. As a mother, I want my child to have that creative streak too and would love him to explore his artistic side.

Now, finding proper painting lessons can be a challenge, especially when you want the class to come home. Most of the time is used up in travelling back and forth, picking up from school and then after school classes, so I need someone who can come home and teach my son painting, instead of me just running all over the city and going to classes.

Hearing about Bidvine, I was super intrigued. So I logged on and Voila! Who knew that the entire process was going to be this simple? All I had to do was, search for painting classes, answer a few questions and enter my postcode.

Once you have submitted your request, whether you want them to come over and teach, what timings suit you best, estimated budget and what kind of painting method you would like, you just wait for a while.

By evening, I had got a few emails from service providers, with their quotes and a link to their websites. All I had to do now was see which one worked best for me and work out all the details with them.

Am I going to be using Bidvine again? Well of course! If anything is as handy has this website, then I am definitely going to be using it more often. And it just does not offer painting, you can choose from a variety of services like, handyman, painters, learning general etiquette and a LOT more.


  1. Bidvine is so good! I'm going to have a look on there for a photographer.