Lost Your Passion for Cooking? Here’s How to Get It Back

14 May Ayesha Farhad 0 Comments

Cooking is a fantastic skill that everyone should learn a little about. Instead of relying on ready-made meals and takeout food, you should be learning to cook up delicious homemade dishes that are both healthy, cheaper and a lot more filling than typical junk food. But sadly, our passion for cooking can sometimes wane because it’s simply too much work. Preparing and cooking foods can sometimes take hours if we do something complex, and if you can just buy it ready-made or from a restaurant, then why bother wasting that time? If you feel you’ve lost your passion for cooking, then here are some excellent ways to help you get it back.

Look at the internet for inspiration

The internet is filled with cooking hacks, recipes videos and even travel guides that can inspire you to create something new or revisit old classics. Whether it’s baking a delicious cake that you saw on Pinterest or following a traditional Asian recipe for a curry that you haven’t had in years, the internet is a one-stop shop for endless culinary ideas.

Search for recipes

Much like the above point, recipe books can be a fantastic source of inspiration that will relight your passion for cooking. From Ramadan recipes to sweet desserts that will leave you salivating, cookbooks are filled with countless ideas that you can incorporate into your everyday meals. If cookbooks are too expensive or not your style, then you can always browse online blogs and videos for ideas.

Refresh your kitchen

From replacing the tabletops to getting a fresh set of knives, investing money into your kitchen and getting new toys to play with could give you the motivation you need to start cooking again. Was your stove old and breaking down? Replace it with a new modern one! Don’t have a food processor to create special sauces, soups and pastes? Get one! No scale to measure out the ingredients for a cake? Invest in one now and start baking delicious creations in your oven.

Invite friends over for dinner

Sometimes, it takes a third party to tell us how much they love (or miss) our cooking for us to start cooking again. Invite close friends and family over for dinner on a regular basis and get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen. Not only is it a fantastic way to get feedback on your cooking, it’s also a great social event for people to hang out, sample delicious food and entertain each other. Just don’t forget to pair your dinner with the right wine!

Get on social media

Sharing your foodie creations with the world is a great way to get encouraging comments and unique views and opinions. Plenty of people go out to eat at fancy restaurants and take tonnes of pictures of their food, so why can’t we do the same for our own homemade meals? Another fantastic way to get involved with cooking is to start a blog. You can write about your personal recipes, share ideas and network with cooks from all over the world.