The Vapers guide to quitting smoking.

23 May Ayesha Farhad 0 Comments

The thought of giving up smoking has always been daunting. Nicotine patches lay in the bedside drawer, always promised to be used tomorrow but that tomorrow never comes. E-cigarettes bought but never used. Less socialisation so that you are not tempted to smoke with your mates. 

I was generously sent a starter vape kit by Vapers Warehouse. Once opened, it was the SMOK Brit One Mini kit and along with it were four e-liquids of different tobacco blends. The kit is a flavour focused kit for first timers and for people looking for a second device to keep with them. Having tried vaping only once a few weeks back, I was super excited to use the kit. It is a small vape that fits easily in your hand or the pocket as a matter of fact. The box also included spare parts for the vape. It has a 1600MAH battery capacity and has a top refill system so that its basically leak proof. it has an adjustable air flow system that can help you take a puff freely. For me, as a total newbie to vaping, this kit is just perfect.

The e-liquid flavours that came with it however, were a bit too harsh for my liking so I had to purchase new e-liquids separately. Although the website has tonnes of other e-liquids with an excellent selection of flavours to choose from.

So basically, when I started using the vape with the e-liquids I was sent, I found it extremely challenging in terms of using it. I was coughing up really badly and I couldnt take more than two puffs. Even my husband who is a heavy smoker, couldnt handle the flavour. So, I had to give up vaping for a few days. I emailed Vapers Warehouse updating them about the situation and they were kind enough to give me another run down to how the experience should be. Apparently the first 30-40 puffs are a bit difficult and 57% of the vapers said that they coughed when vaping for the first time. So, that explained the reason I was coughing up. But I still couldnt get used to the flavours so when I received my cherry flavoured e-liquid, I felt at so much ease and the drags were easier too. I started with low airflow and then slowly switched it up for a freer air flow a few days later.

Weirdly, I was reaching for my vape more than my cigarettes. And I felt so much change within my body. I was feeling refreshed rather than dull when compared to people who are trying to quit. I havent quit completely, but with the help of the vape, I have gone down to occasionally lightening up my cigarette.

Even my husband has started reaching for the vape more often than usual and the number of cigarettes he smokes has considerably reduced.
A friend of mine, we were chatting away about vaping (he is more experienced than me) and we happily concluded on how easy it was to sit on the desk and get our work done quickly while vaping instead of running out for smoking breaks and then lagging behind. Another aspect that we talked about was, that although it has a little bit of exposure on second hand smoking, it is not as terrible as second hand smoking. There are zero nicotine e-liquids available in the market (the one I currently use). I usually dont vape when my son is around but there are times when he walks past me, or is playing at a distant, so there is no chance of him inhaling the nicotine vapours.

All in all, vaping has been an amazing experience for me and I am so glad that I am on the verge of nearly quitting smoking cigarettes.