5 stress-free bedtime rituals for children.

08 June Ayesha Farhad 0 Comments

When you are a parent, all you do the entire day is, look forward to bed time. And nothing is better than a peaceful bedtime, where you don’t want to pull your hair out and bawl your eyes when your child doesn’t sleep.

So what do you do when you want bedtime to be as peaceful as ever, without struggling to muffle out a scream when they don't go to sleep? Here’s what:

1.   Curtains/Blinds.

When you are putting your child to sleep, make sure that you have curtains or blinds that block all the light in the room. The darker the room, the easier they fall asleep. Because the child’s bedtime should be as early as 7pm, due to daylight saving, it still might be a bit bright for the child to fall asleep. You can check out the chid safe, fire resistant and colourful blinds at Brands online direct for your children’s room.

2.   Create the right mood.

Lavender is known for its calming properties and what is better to have a lavender diffuser in your child’s room to create the perfect calming atmosphere. A warm bedtime bath, can also put them right in the sleep mode. A warm glass of milk and a bedtime story will help aid sleep.
3.   Fighting the monsters under the bed.

This is my favourite bed time routine! It is so much fun and makes the child feel really secure. We have a plastic light laser sword that both my son and I use to fight all the hiding monsters in the room. Children tend to get scared when they reach a certain age where they start having nightmares. So in order to maintain the sleeping schedule, this is a fun way of setting the mood right.

4.   No screen time prior to bed time.

This is an absolute must. Two hours before bedtime, make sure that the child hasn’t had any screen time. It stresses the brain and makes them more hyper active. Relax their nervous system and switch of all screens in the house before bed time.

5.   Military time schedule.

As scary as it sounds, it really isnt. But to ensure a good night sleep and a less cranky child the next day, make sure that your child wakes up early and goes to bed early. It is totally up to you whether you want to have a nap time during the day or not. Because my son is older, I skip nap time so bedtime is usually a breeze.

What do you do to ensure a good night sleep?