How to choose the perfect blinds for your home.

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When you are setting up the house, you have to be very careful with all the decor you do. But at times we often forget about putting the right blinds and end up with a very awkward interior. So how do you go about choosing the right blinds for your house?

Here are some tips:

1.  Maintain privacy.

Certain rooms in the house need more privacy than the others. Like for example, your bedroom or the bathroom would need more privacy and a light block option so that theres no light peeking through and no silhouettes visible. While the living room would need more light and maintaining too much privacy isn't that much of a worry. So choose blinds that go according to the theme of the rooms and not just hang the same blinds all around the house. You can buy roller blinds from Brands Direct Online for blinds that provide privacy as well as maintain the decor.

2. Professional fit.

Always make sure that your blinds are fit professionally. Crooked, ill-fitting blinds are a sore for the eyes. When your blinds are done by a professional they speak a job well done. Even if you are on a  budget, there are a lot of companies that offer low rates yet the work is done perfectly.

3. Decor.

Many people just tend to put whatever curtains or blinds match with their decor. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If you want a cosy yet expensive feeling with the blinds, make sure that they either contrast with the decor or match with only one piece of furniture. Choosing the right blinds can make a stark difference in whether you want the room to be cosy and welcoming rather than cold and a sore to the eyes.

4. Choosing the perfect option.

Look around the decor. Would you like having roller blinds, shutters or curtains? For example, a living room requires more light and a cosy feeling because you tend to spend more than half of your day in the living room only. Shutters would be the perfect option since they provide a level of privacy, keep sound pollution to a minimum and give a lot of light in the room. So choosing the right window treatment makes a whole lot of difference.

5. Safety and reducing the electricity bills.

If you have children in the house, you might want to switch to either curtains or cordless blinds. There have been various news that prove cords have been fatal for children while playing with it. So if you want blinds in your house, make sure that the cords are tucked away from the child's sight or invest in cordless blinds.
Blinds have also proven to reduce your electricity bills. If you want to insulate your homes cheaply and effectively then choose blinds that can keep the draught and the cold out. You can save up to £30 a year with well insulated blinds.


  1. These sound like some great tips for choosing blinds, I need to get some for our kitchen which we have just had redone, so will be following these steps :)

  2. We've been thinking about changing the blinds in my daughter's room, since they don't really help keep the light out in the early morning..

  3. These are great tips! Sometimes it's tough to find the right pieces for your interior. We should always consider those five points you've mentioned.

  4. Totally agree that blinds must be fit professionally otherwise they look terrible :) x

  5. I think I definately want to get some nice blinds for our bathroom. I get so paranoid people can see in when the window is open! Good quality in bedroom is important too to keep out the light. Otherwise I can't fall asleep!

  6. Some great tips for choosing blinds and having done this job only a few months ago for my office, it was pretty straightforward a task x

  7. Love these tips, I'm in the process of redecorating my whole place at the moment so this is really helpful x

  8. Great tips, I like blinds for most situations, I think they really help with the feel of a room.

  9. This is a great post with lots of helpful tips, I have blinds in my bathroom and study as they are more practical than curtains.

  10. We rent our home, but will start looking to buy soon which means choosing our blinds and such. These tips will come in handy for us. Since we rent we have standard blinds and our kids do not leave them alone. I love the blinds that are encased between two pieces of glass on a window and they are cordless. I hope to have those in our house.

  11. Some really helpful ideas for choosing blinds, especially thinking about those cords around children.