Sowing sunflower seeds even on a cloudy summer day!

I really hope everyone has been doing well. Been a little MIA from blogging since the past week because my son was really unwell and with Eid preps, everything was a chaos. BUT, I am baccckkkk! And this time, we are sowing sunflower seeds in a super cloudy weather! Who says clouds aren't fun?

Azlan and I were sent a sunflower growing kit by the GBC group, who by the way are having the sunflower growing campaign to encourage parents and children to go outdoors and have fun while gardening! (ya'll know i don't find gardening therapeutic haha).

So the kit had two packs of sunflower seeds, gardening tools, a measuring tape and plant labels. This was actually the very first time my son and I EVER sowed any seeds, so this was kind of fun to do with lots of rushing to check google if we were doing the right thing.

Because of the bipolar weather that UK seems to have, we decided to plant them separately until the rains finally stop and then re-pot them in the garden when it is a bit sunny. As I have said previously, since this was my first time planting any kind of seed, I decided to DIY it a notch. We used old pans and outgrown wellies to plant the seeds. And I have never gotten more compliments on my DIY skills  than now!

We filled up small planters with soil and put the seeds and then added some more compost. And obviously watered the plants. Its best to repot them as soon the little sprouts appear, which we can not wait for and will update the post with pictures as soon as the sprouts appear!

I am so glad that we did this! The rain was getting a bit too much for us and today, even though it was cloudy, we had a blast doing this! More reasons to be outdoors, eh?
Look how happy he is!  
Some serious business going on here!

Azlan literally can not wait for them to grow and keeps on checking the pots every now and then! Are you growing any plants this summer? What are your plans for getting outdoors and having a bit of fun in the sun?