Top 5 Child-Friendly date ideas.

Dating after becoming a parent becomes a chore rather than keeping the relationship alive. Either of the parent is usually so tired that they end up at home only, with takeaway food and a good movie while their child naps. But sometimes, getting out of the house, dressing up and having fun is also good for the soul.

So, if you have a child and are stuck with options as to where to go for child friendly dates, even if you are into single parent dating, here are some options:

1.   Bowling.

This is my favourite idea of a date! Just because you have a child in tow, does not mean that you won’t be able to have fun. If your child is old enough to bowl, then as a family, you are going to have a blast! A day filled with lots of bowling, nacho cheese dips and soda is definitely on top of my dating lists!

2.   Cinema.

A trip to the cinema as a child friendly date, can never go wrong. Even if the movie is not animated, your child will love watching anything on the big screen. Recent movies like Baby’s day out, storks, despicable me 3, are going to be a hit and the entire family is going to love it. Also, a large popcorn bucket, crisps and drinks are cherry on top!

3.   Punting.

If you live somewhere near a river, then make a day out of it and go punting! Both, your other half and your child are going to love it. There is absolutely nothing better than being with your loved ones and having the time of your life. Also, if you are over 50's dating, this is going to be one hell of an amazing day.

4.   Park picnics.

I absolutely love picnics in the park! Just lying down in the grass reading a book or just talking about random stuff while your child goes out on the swings. And the picnic lunch has to top everything!

5.   Art studio.

I know. I saved the best bit for last. So, if your family is an artistic bunch, an art studio is your true calling. There are many art studios that offer families to come and bond together with art. Even if your little one doesn’t know how to paint, just give them a brush in their hand and let them create master strokes.

I loved creating these ideas. Just because you’re now a parent doesn’t mean that you should let go of the spark of dating your partner. And even if you don’t find a baby sitter, these date ideas work amazing for you and your family.