What dad's really want on father's day.

06 June Ayesha Farhad 0 Comments

If you score the internet, there are a gazillion father's day gift guides available for you to choose from. So I am here, trying to add one more to the gazillion. But I am taking a break from all the chocolates, hip flasks, diy gift baskets (seriously who needs that?) and engraved wallets. I sat down with my husband and asked him to truly tell what he wanted to get for fathers day, provided that I didn't have to gift it to him (I know, so cheeky) so all this comes from literally within the heart.

1. Panasonic 3 in 1 precision trimmer.

No man can have enough beard trimmers provided either the charging cable suddenly disappears or the trimmer top gets lost. They also need a wife not to nag them continuously about the stubble hair in the sink. But the Panasonic men's trimmer is best for precision styling, shaving and trimming, obviously. It has a washable blade, cordless option (so that you may never have to lose the charging cable), has a I-shaped design so that the hold is easier and the shave is precise.

2. Fit-Bit activity tracker.

No man likes to admit that they have got a bit of a paunch. But they definitely need the motivation. The fitbit activity tracker is literally the best invention for all fitness junkies! Also, the fathers need to count the steps and calories they burn while they run away from all the chores on a daily basis!

3. MAHI leather laptop bag.

This makes an amazing fathers day gift! A leather laptop bag gives all the right kinds of good vibes. And this laptop bag is just the right one to save your laptop from the little hands that always find sharpies and doodle all over.

4. Smart phone projector.

Okay this is my favourite! Or maybe my husbands? You just pop the phone in the area provided and voila! you've got a home cinema! It also comes handy when the wife and the kids are hogging the family television and you just want to chill and watch desperate housewives or maybe watch a match with your buds!

5. Polaroid Snap Digital Camera.

If your father is into photography, or just generally loves taking pictures, then this is an amazing gift for him! You can print the polaroid pictures instantly with the camera and voila. You might want to teach him how to take a selfie though.

Have you decided what to gift to your father this father's day?