Cleaning hacks that no one told you about.

Cleaning has to be the strongest forte in my life. I am an emotional cleaner. Every time I feel low, I end up cleaning. But that doesn't mean that every speck and corner of my house is clean and organised. I am a messy person. My wardrobe is always in a mess and I always have laundry clothes lying in the house. My makeup organisation needs help BIG time. But, I am a clean person.

If you ask anyone in my family, they'd tell you to come to me if they need anything to be cleaned. My mother used to spring clean her house twice a year, up and down the entire house and guess who ended up cleaning? Me!

So, throughout the years, I have caught on to hacks and tips that have helped my cleaning a lot more easier. I have been gravitating more towards a healthier environment and a total BLEACH FREE cleaning routine. If you guys don't know how harmful bleach is for your house and for you, i'd suggest that you go ahead and read up.

So here are a few of my hacks and tips that will help you clean better and quicker.

1. Make a list.

I can not stress enough how important it is to make a list for cleaning. It will help you so so much to get your work done on time and you won't waste time doing other things around the house. I love this to-do-cleaning notebook from flying tiger. It has all the cleaning bits sorted according to the rooms so  that you aren't running all over the place doing everything together. Or else, you can download cleaning lists online for free.

2. Clockwise rotation.

This tip has made my cleaning so so much easier. What you do is, start from the door of the room and go clockwise till you end up at the door again. SERIOUSLY, this is my favourite tip! You are not all over the room and stuffing things in drawers and cupboards. Keep a bin with you so that you throw that isn't needed and dust from up to down as you move along. So all that will have to be done at the end is to hoover.

3. DIY toilet bombs.

Like, I said before that I have been moving away towards a bleach free routine, I have stopped using all toilet bleaches. The fumes that you inhale while cleaning are more harmful to you than the environment. These toilet bombs are JUST made up of THREE ingredients that you can find in your kitchen and are super easy to make. Check out the link here to make these toilet bombs. And they last ages (if you make a batch) and clean up better than any harmful toilet gels.

4. Make the bed.

As soon as you get off the bed, make it. You will thank me for the rest of your life. When you make the bed first thing in the morning, the room itself starts to look cleaner. There seems to be less mess around the room and it so much easier to clean.

5. DIY Citrus Vinegar Cleaner.

Vinegar is known as the best natural disinfectant around the house. And I totally love it! But the smell always puts me off. So, I have learned a new way to make a citrus scented vinegar cleaner thats bombdiggity! Check this link out on how to make a citrus scented vinegar cleaner.

6. DIY Scented Laundry Sponges.

When you are a clean freak like me, you end up buying so many cleaning products and the cabinet is ALWAYS full! Laundry is an essential part of your daily routine and you always want your clothes to keep smelling fresh and fabric softeners do a really good job. But instead of using too much fabric softener in your everyday wash cycle, make these scented laundry sponges that will help you save a lot of product. And they are so easy to make! Literally took me less than 3 minutes to make it! They last for AGES!

7. Spray your bedding.

It is crucial that you disinfect your bed. Your bed is probably the most infected place in the house and yet you don't even realise. Use a pillow mist or a bed mist to give your bedding a cleaner and a fresher look. I use this lavender scented pillow mist from Bath & Body works. And although it helps you sleep but I have found it to make my bedding smell great and feel much fresher.

8. Kitchen tongs for blinds.

Use your kitchen tongs to clean blinds. This is the easiest hack that has always been incorporated in my routine. Instead of individually selecting blinds and cleaning them from above and below, just wrap a micro fibre cloth on both the sides and secure them with a hair tie. Don't use an elastic band else they will cause friction between the blinds.

9. Cleaning products basket.

Put all your cleaning products in one basket to make cleaning easier. That way you don't have to run around the house finding the right product. Just carry the basket to the room you are cleaning and choose the product accordingly. The basket should include microfibre cloths, scorers, sponges, waste bags and all other things that you require.

10. Refresh your carpets using baking soda.

If you have kids, you know that your carpets don't look the same as they used to do before. And you'd rather have them look they way they do right now, rather than shampoo them regularly or send them in for dry cleaning. This DIY carpet refresher is the best thing ever that has made my life so so much easier. It just takes two ingredients. Baking Soda and essential oils. Mix them together and add them in a sprinkle jar. There you have it! Have a look here for all the other details. 

Thats that. These are my top cleaning tips and hacks that I have used over the past few years and I absolutely love them! Besides all the cleaning, make sure that you light up candles or switch on your diffuser while cleaning! It makes your day a whole lot better and obviously makes the house smelling great too!

What are your top cleaning tips?


  1. Didnot know half of them. Thanks!! ��

  2. I've never tried just bicar of the carpet, I usually buy the shank n' vac stuff but it irritates my boyfriends nose!

  3. The OH has a complete OCD about cleaning! That toilet bomb tip would be amazing for her! Definitely showing her this post!

  4. These are great tips! Especially the one about cleaning a room clockwise- that makes so much sense, but I never thought about it before now!

  5. I love cleaning. On cleaning days I love trying new cleaning things. I will have to try a few of these like the sponges. I always make our beds because you are right, it does make the room look cleaner instantly.

  6. Love the clockwise tip. And will be trying to make some of those toilet bombs, great idea

  7. I really need to take heed of some of your advice here - I use bleach all the time, and have never really considered the harm it could be doing to me or the environment. I like the sound of the toilet bombs though, these could be a good start for me! x

  8. That notebook from tiger looks amazing, I'll definitely have to try and find that. I hate cleaning, so much so I am debating at how much a cleaner will cost x

  9. I like making lists for when I have lots of cleaning to do! I like the toilet bomb ideas and the bedding spray! The bedding spray may actually help me sleep better too

  10. I love this post mainly as a hate cleaning and I now have some great ideas to help me get on top of it x

  11. I just love this post! Took note of those DIYs- toilet bombs and citrus vinegar cleaner.

  12. Oh I love this clockwise rotation tip. I have never heard of it but am going to give it a try.

  13. Those toilet bombs are such an amazing idea. Definitely giving those a try.

  14. I love the idea of using kitchen tongs for cleaning blinds x

  15. Not heard of toilet bombs before, but they sound like a great idea... especially if you have kids!

  16. It sounds like you are very organised, we always find that tackling one room at a time helps us ease into cleaning. The toilet bombs sound awesome!

  17. I didn't realise but I have always done the clockwise cleaning. I would love to know more about the scented laundry sponges. x

  18. I love all of these ideas, most I've never thought of! I definitely need to start writing some lists otherwise I forget what I've done or I don't do it for ages!

  19. I think I need to hire you. I've had a horribly busy couple of months, and the house is starting to look like it is suffering for it. Nice to see your ideas; the homemade stuff is fab. And the idea for cleaning blinds is so good, it is a job I simply dispise.

    1. haha! I will be there in a jiffy! I love cleaning other peoples homes haha!

  20. ooo ive not heard of these! i always do a monthly spring clean and just go along doing random bits haha. will keep some of these in mind!

  21. I want to be more sustainable in the products that I choose and already I am moving towards a non toxic cruelty free lifestyle. I really like the sound of the toliet bombs x

  22. Making the bed is a top, top tip! I swear by it. Also, if you are needing to sort out the floors, or rearrange furniture, then placing everything from the floor on the bed is a great help. x

  23. Fantastic tips!! I absolutely hate cleaning the house. This will definitely help me. I have to admit I never thought about bedding spray. Will definitely get one.

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