Summer Time - Movie night with your child.

As much as I am excited for the school runs to be over, I will be looking forward to the next term starting! But thats a story for another post, maybe?

I know a lot of us parents struggle with keeping our children entertained during the summer holidays and it takes a chunk of our time and money to keep them busy and away from complaining that they are bored. So why not do something at home while relaxing and having a great family time without spending a chunk of money all the time?

First things first. Comfort during the movie is the best thing ever! You don't want to be sitting on the sofa and shifting every time you get a leg cramp. And plus, when you have an active child as mine, you would rather have them lying down than jumping on the sofa! The snuggle sac from Ollie & Leila is just the perfect thing for movie nights. Your child can snuggle up and watch the movie comfortably. And the best part? Even if they sleep during the movie, you won't have to carry them to their bed! They can just keep sleeping in it! Its super comfortable and portable, so its even fab for camping in the backyard or small get aways!

Moving on to food, you obviously need A LOT of munchies! We are a family that likes to keep munching on food throughout the movie. Tortilla chips, popcorns (OFCOURSE), cookies, juice and of course rolls ups make the BEST movie night food! I even smuggle a diet coke in between too! ha ha!

Last but not the least and the most important one during the movie night: A DVD! We of course choose Pete's dragon for our movie night and Azlan loved it! He is obsessed with everything dinosaurs and dragons, so he had the time of his life!

Make sure that the ambience is created to perfection and the level of cosiness is maintained at all times. Dim lights and snuggling up together makes the best family movie night ever.

IMPORTANT TIP: You need not to document your movie night for the rest of the world to see. KEEP YOUR PHONES ON SILENT AND DON'T TOUCH THEM. Family movie night means JUST family and no social media or chatting away to other people.

What are your top tips for a movie night?