Bigen Hair Dye Review.

07 August Ayesha Farhad 0 Comments

If you are from a South-Asian family, you would have definitely heard of Bigen. And If you haven't, are you even a South-Asian? Bigen has been in our household since I can remember! I have seen my grandparents use it and I have seen my parents use it as well! 

But since then, Bigen has come a long way and it is being used by the younger generation to dye their hair in more vivid shades than just covering their grays. Previously, older generations would just want to cover their grays and dyeing their hair in other shades other than dark brown wasn't really appreciated. And we have come a long way from that. 

Bigen permanent hair powder is ammonia free so that means no hydrogen peroxide will be required and no damage will be done to your hair. It is very gentle to the hair since it has a very low pH level as compared to other dyes. 

It is super easy to use. the pack comes with a powder dye. When mixed with water, it activates and after applying, it gives the richest colour and optimum shine. There are 12 shades ranging from dark auburn to deep burgundy with a variety of brown shades in between and lasts for a good 4 to 6 weeks. 

However, the shade range is what catches my eye the most. There are some AMAZING shades: Oriental Black, Dark Chestnut, Blue Black, Black Brown, Medium Chestnut, Deep Burgundy, Dark Brown, Light Chestnut, Dark Auburn, Rich Medium Brown and Chocolate.

You can purchase Bigen ithe UK from pharmacy's, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Tesco, Amazon, Ebay and your local South-Asian grocery stored.