Go all celeb style in the garden!

19 August Ayesha Farhad 0 Comments

Forget holidaying on super yachts, going front row at fashion week or launching your own perfume. Right now, if you want to follow in the footsteps of the coolest celebs, it’s time to pick up some gardening gloves and reach for a trowel and spade. From vintage celeb royalty like Cindy Crawford and Elizabeth Hurley through to ever-cool Kate Moss and Brit-pop girl Alexa Chung, going green is the in thing, according to this article from the Telegraph. If this sounds like something you could get on board with, why not take a moment to plan your own celeb-inspired garden? It’ll need to be a place designed for relaxation and play, with plenty of long grass or tall trees to hide behind when the paps start lurking! Let’s get started…

An organic veg patch

You are what you eat and you don’t have to be a celebrity chef to know that growing your own greens to cook in the kitchen can give you a serious case of the warm and fuzzies. Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lopez, Olivia Wilde and Jared Leto are among the big stars who follow a vegan lifestyle. Along with protecting animal life, many do so for the associated health benefits of eating plant based diets. Even if you’re not totally on board with veganism, setting up your own fruit and vegetable corner is a great way to save on your shopping and to boost your vitamin intake too.

A sunny spot

If you’re going to be getting hot and sweaty digging and planting, it’s only right that you also have somewhere to chill and relax too. You might not be able to stretch to your own private pool, but maybe a great patio or decked area where you can fit in a hired hot tub could be within reach? At the very least some nice garden furniture and a sun lounger or two will give you somewhere to soak up some vitamin D and sip cocktails on sunny days. Don’t forget to build in some privacy though. A well-placed sun umbrella or trellis decorated with trailing plants will keep prying eyes out. If you need to make a sharp exit indoors, luxurious bi-fold doors are the stuff of what gorgeous properties are made of. Vufold makes gorgeous bifolding doors that luckily you don’t need a celebrity bank balance to afford.

A sophisticated dining area

Eating outdoors doesn’t have to mean picnicking on the lawn, though an impromptu teddy bear’s picnic is fun at any age. Done right, dining in your garden it can be a very sophisticated affair. If you’ve got limited space, a bistro patio set made for two is a great spot to start your day with a coffee and croissant. For evening entertaining, a dressed wooden table with benches, fresh flowers and well-placed fairy lights add magic to the air. If you want to try taking your dinner parties into the open air, Elle D├ęcor has some great tips for planning summer parties. And though it’s wedding focused, there are always lots of outdoor table dressing ideas on the inspiring Rock My Wedding. Though of course you’ll want to put your own signature stamp on proceedings.

Insta-worthy flower beds

If you want to join the fashion greats in racking up the insta-likes with the help of gorgeous flora and fauna you’ve nurtured, it’s time to get stuck in and start planting your garden. If you’re not sure where to start, why not call on a green-fingered friend or relative to give you some pointers?  Better still, ask to take cuttings from established plants to give your growing a head start. Local gardens can be a great source of inspiration, this week is the first ever National Gardens and Health Week. As part of the event lots of confident gardeners up and down the country are flinging open their gates for charity, sharing their beautiful outdoor spaces and with any luck, some great hints and tips for success too. If you head along, don’t forget to take your camera and ask lots of questions!

What do you think of celebrities going green? Have you recently got into gardening or is it something you struggle to enjoy? And if you were to take some celebrity inspiration for styling your garden, what would your priorities be? Are you all about the potential hot tub parties or would you like a chill zone to sunbathe and practice yoga?