Home Therapy - Feature Wall.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the TV feature wall a couple of times. And I have got a tonne of questions regarding the wall. So I am finally sitting down and writing about the wall and the accessories that accentuate the surroundings as well.

I have ALWAYS got Friends on. No matter what time of the day, Friends WILL be on.
A little back story for the feature wall. So, before I did the living room space, we did our son's bedroom. His room had weird characters painted on his wall and he was scared to even step in his room so, instead of painting the walls we put on wall paper. It was a tedious task, especially when you have to complete it at night before the son wakes up. But after watching a gazillion DIY videos, I got the hang of the process and we had completed the room within two days.

My living room in an open plan space with a little dining area as well. And the table just fits perfectly in that area. Coming to the wall, since we live in a rented property, I just didn't want to paint the entire room and then feel sad while leaving the house. I attach myself way too much to places I love. And even before I got married, I knew what kind of setting I wanted in my own living room space and a brick wall was one of them. I wanted a red-bricked feature wall but sadly it just didn't go with the theme of the room so we chose the next best option.

I really really wish I had a before picture of the wall but sadly I was just way too excited to get on with the job. The wall paper was bought from b&q for a lethal price of only £5!! And I think we only used two rolls of wallpaper (BARGAIIIIN)! Anyway, There were three square shelves on one side and the other side of the wall had two floating shelves. And we had the tv fixed on the wall (in a REALLY weird height, I just don't know why) After the wallpaper went up, I decided to keep the TV on the table and put up only the square shelves. I couldn't really find the existent spaces for the third shelf nails to go through so I just let it be. Found mini plants from Primark. The tea light holder is from Lifestyle, Dubai. And the clock is from B&M.

Coming to the plants, I got these Topiary balls from Pakistan. Got these as a set of 5 and initially wanted to place these in the bedroom. But I was just literally unable to find a planter that would fit next to the table. So I was watching someone's Insta story about their living room space and I saw this little gem of a planter. It was actually a planter but I decided to hack it up. Rummaged through my house and found this huge wok that my sister-in-law gave me before moving to the UK. So, I fixed some artificial grass in the pot along with the topiary balls and it instantly made a statement piece. I wanted to spray paint it rose gold but everyone advised me against it as it looked really good the way it was.

I had initially reserved the other side of the wall's corner space for my son's toy basket since it stays hidden behind the sofa's arm rest. But I really wanted to add a pop of colour in the room since it had all bold neutral colours like brown beige and gray. And I know a lot of people would like to place posters above the lamp, but that is not my vibe. I like my walls simple.

I was lucky enough to be sent this bespoke lampshade from Bespoke Binny. This British based business hand makes the most stunning statement pieces. The owner, Natalie, has incorporated her African heritage into these eccentric products and it just reflects in her feature pieces.

I placed this lamp on the other side of the wall. I initially wanted to place on the opposite wall but like I said before, I wanted to keep a corner for my son's toy storage but the lamp set up was just not working on the opposite wall so I decided to put the table with the feature wall. I did have a Scandinavian lamp base to go with the lamp, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, it broke and had to quickly replace it. So currently, this lamp is doing the job. But how gorgeous does the print look? It is completely different from the theme of my living room and from the looks of it, pineapples are the most featured fruit in most of the homeware items. The quality is amazing and the lamp shade is professionally sealed from the inside to prevent fraying.

However, I do want to change my sofa situation a bit. I wanted fabric ones but since my son was small at that time, I just wanted a use-the-baby-wipe-to-clean-everything fix and we found this sofa set. Not bad for the price, hey!

The sad part is that we might be moving soon so I may be a little tearful saying goodbye to my living room space. But who knows? I might get to have a red-bricked feature wall in my next house!