Life Unplugged - September

Hello and welcome to a new series on my blog - Life Unplugged.
Every once a month or maybe twice, I will post a little post talking about whats going on in my life and all the little things that I have been up to. Its an easy way to catch up on all the cheeky details that I blurt out on my insta stories and snapchat but never get around actually talking about them.

So, currently I am in Pakistan where I was born and raised. But then there is so much I can take about this country. I have a very intense love and hate relationship with this place. I have always loved the culture that resonates in every ones heart but I absolutely detest the dependency that comes along in this country as well as the lazy attitude that is accompanied in everyone's lifestyle. 

Ever since moving to the UK, the independent lifestyle worked really well for me and my confidence. And I only look forward to trips because of my own family and that that too only for 5 days straight else I go mad with their demanding nature. I have always been a rebel lol! Can not stand to please anybody especially people from my in-laws. (even though my mother-in-law is the sweetest person ever). You are always up with your guard and just making sure that no one gets upset, which really really ticks me off. 

There has to be a gazillion weddings to attend when you are in Pakistan which means more Biryani and more outfit pictures!
My birthday was last week which meant,more anxiety! Does anyone feel the same way? Literally the day of my birthday I feel so anxious that someone is going to throw me a surprise and my day wont go down as I had planned. This has happened to me a couple of times in the past and I literally dread birthdays now minus gifts ofcourse!

Here is an outfit picture on my birthday. I gladly made a small escape with my family and friends and the rest of the day I spent sleeping.
I do realise that my face doesn't match my neck but that is just in the pictures.

Recently, I made a trip down to good old Liberty Books and grabbed a couple of books. One of the books I picked up was Tehmina Durrani's Blasphemy (if you know me, you know that I have a knack for South-Asian authors). The author has been known to write about subjects that are considered taboo and pose a challenge to societal norms and my my! This book will make every inch of your body crawl. 

Blasphemy is an unnerving book about a male dominated world, where Islam is twisted to fit their own convenience. The beauty of Islam is such that it gave women their due right for the first time in their life when the world just treated them like commodities and made their life decisions. They were treated like low-lives and slaves. Islam rescued them from the ordeal and gave them rights that shook the world up. 

The whole notion of pir's is alien to the concept of Islam. Going to shrines of the dead and asking them to pray to God for their worldly problems has literally no space in Islam. This books gives an insight in to the life of a pir who was hailed as the pious one and could do no wrong in the eyes of the community. But what happened inside his four walled house was an entirely different story.  From marrying someone and crushing their idealistic approach to marriage, to molesting his own daughter and being the culprit behind the murders of many including his son to his sexual frustration that came down to orphans. This book grips you from the core and makes you turn page after page in a state of trance. It is a definite must-read!

Also, as a birthday gift, my sister ended up giving me a part of the Dose of Colours DesixKaty collab and I couldn't be more stoked. I was hawking the websites hoping it would release in the UK but it is way to hard to get your hands on makeup there rather than in Pakistan!

I am in LOVE with the shades of the eye shadow quad and cant wait to slather it on my eyes. These swatches are one swipe swatches with dry fingers rather than what was proposed (wet the product).

Mirame is a beautiful rose gold highlighter that would suit darker skin tones. It gives a very very natural highlight on me. (I am nc42 for shade reference) and Fuego is that highlight shade that will suit every single person! Absolutely love them!

So thats that! I am going back to the UK on Wednesday and I am legit counting down the hours! I haven't miss home so much as I have missed it during this trip! Also, touch-wood, NO BODY has been sick during this trip and I am hoping the three days pass like this only. Fingers crossed!