Life Unplugged - October.

It has been a month since I have been back to the UK from Pakistan and I can not be happier. There is something just so serene about settling in your own routine and just doing your own thing without bothering about anyone or anything. There is a bit of chaos in the daily routine of a Pakistani. Everybody is just rushing to complete chores and work. Whilst over here, there is this sudden peace even while doing chores. There is a certain independence over here. Anyway, I know y'all are kinda bored now with my independency rant all the time haha.

Autumn is in full swing and the weather here in London has been quiet bi-polar. I mean we literally had to leave our coats and jackets home the other day while walking to the park and today it was absolutely freezing. There are a few boys outside right now, who are having a mini firework competition with each other and it is just driving me crazy. I mean sure, I love fireworks but just don't it on my front porch while I am trying to put my son to sleep.  Also, I have finally recovered from a 3-week flu that just wouldn't show any signs of going away while my son is still recovering. And I have gained a few kilos which I am trying to lose as fast as I can. Hopefully, I will stick to clean eating this time and not get carried away. Ugh.

Anyway, I got these perfumes in the mail a few weeks back and I was not at all expecting them to be this amazing! I love shopping in Monsoon and Accessorize but I am not a fan of their perfumes. I love strong and heavy scents whilst theirs are really sweet. But imagine my surprise when I smelled them. 

The Rose Gold perfume from Monsoon is my top favourite. When I tested it out, the scent literally lingered for a good two days. It has a very warm yet musky scent with a top note of sparkling lemon which, to be honest, I never knew that it could smell so yummy. It is one of those scents that when you smell it on someone, you need to stop them and ask them which perfume they are wearing! You can find the Rose gold perfume here for £28.50.

Lovelily from Accessorize is that kinda perfume that my early 20's self would wear. Although I am not a major fan of fruity scents and keeping in mind that Lovelily has juicy top notes of raspberry and orange combined with a zesty accord of bergamot but layered with jasmine and muguet, it isn't as sickeningly sweet as I suspected. You can find the Lovelily perfume here for £18.50 which in my opinion is an affordable scent and great as a stocking filler keeping in mind Christmas is literally right around the corner. 

Keeping on the scents trend, I love me a good room mist. The first thing that I do after cleaning my bedroom, I spray a room mist all over. And I love a mist that has a scent that lingers all day. Malee Online, sent me their African inspired room mist which is nearly empty now (reminds me to top up). I spray it all over my carpets and curtains. You can even spray it on your bedding but since I am such a scent addict, I have a separate one for that. The bottle gives such a luxurious feeling and unlike other mists that I have tried, it doesn't leak from the spray nozzle. I hate it when that happens.

Also along with their room mist they sent me their limited edition Polyanthes soybean candle. Okay. Honest to God. My first time using a candle which is also a moisturiser. I didn't even know it was also a moisturiser after I read reviews a few days later. WHAAAT kind of sorcery is this?! The scent takes me back to my mother's room when I was a child and it just makes me miss her even more. Since the moisturising wax is a little bit thick, I love applying it around my neck and collarbone area after taking a shower and the scent lingers on me for ages. It's just magical. 

Moving onto food, over the past few days, I have watched way too many spicy ramen noodle challenges and to top that, I watched them after midnight. God knows why. SO obviously the craving heightened and your girl ordered 2 times spicy (the highest spice level) 5 pack off eBay. One advice y'all: NEVER eat spice before a workout session. The heartburn is disgusting! But seriously man, being a Pakistani, no amount of spice can ever faze me. It does have a little bit of kick when you have the first bite but then the spice settles down. But if you are looking for something adventurous with food, you have got to try it!