The Koh-Samui Run Down.

Thailand has quickly become one of the most popular and famous tourist destinations over the years. The beaches, the lifestyle, culture, adventures and the relaxation that comes along is truly amazing!

When the husband and I were deciding on a honeymoon destination, we quickly settled onto Thailand instead of wasting time and looking at other places and boy oh boy! Are we glad we chose Thailand!

Koh Samui is one of the many islands in Thailand that have become quite popular and prospered because of the advent of tourism. Going to Koh Samui has been one of the best experiences of my life. I managed to tick off at least 40% of my bucket list within three days of being there.

The husband booked a separate villa in Koh Samui, named Bhundhari overlooking the  Chaweng beach. We decided to go all out with the villa and then move onto cheaper hotels in Phuket and Bangkok because honestly, we only came to the hotel at night to sleep. Honestly, I fell in love with the hotel. We had our own private swimming pool and a sun deck (where we never lounged lol). a HUGE bathroom including a jacuzzi, a separate shower and an outdoor shower (I loved that part of the bathroom). It was honestly, the best hotel I have EVER stayed in.

Anyway, the first day in Koh Samui, we rented a motorbike (husbands VERY first time riding one) and I am amazed that I managed to survive the entire day! We went around town to see what was up and about so we could come back later the next day. After the short ride to town, we managed to get out of bed and hit the beach. Now, my husband isn't a beach person, but I am. And man was I ecstatic! I ran around the beach like a kid high on a sugar rush! It was seriously amazing! We managed to catch the sunset before retiring to our room and calling in room service!

Right, where we snorkelled.
THAT is a fake smile. The hike killed my feet and quads. 
The view from the top!
We had planned a lot of stuff for the next two days so I knew I had to be prepared. We managed to do snorkelling and scuba diving in one day, which was definitely crazy and amazing! For Snorkelling, we had to take a boat to a nearby island (20 minutes) and I seriously had the best time of my life! I know how to swim but I can't swim in the sea, I start with panic attacks but we had life jackets on and it was just way too blissful. Even my husband who is way too scared of water decided to come down in the water and have a bit of fun. He mainly hung by the guiding ropes near the boat though. After snorkelling, we decided to go on a small hike on the island. Right on top of the Koh-Nanguan island and it was just so beautiful! After taking a few pictures, we decided to go back to our island, got some food and then went ahead with snorkelling. It wasn't the best experience for me because the oxygen tank was weighing me down so much and the mask wasn't adjusting properly. We didn't go deep sea diving but just a bit further away from the shore. It wasn't that much fun but hey, at least I got to tick something off my bucket list. We do have plans to go for deep sea diving in Maldives (whenever we plan that trip).

Since our hotel was on the Chaweng beach. the main street of where the nightlife came alive, was only a short walk. The bars, the cabarets, people randomly dancing and the restaurants blaring loud music truly made up for the fun that we were looking for. Since both of us don't drink at all, we decided to just stroll around and look for good food and try out authentic Thai Food for the VERY first time in our lives.

The next and the last day, we planned to go to a nearby temple and then move on to riding the elephants. After a short visit to the temple, we managed to befriend a lovely couple from Romania and went on the adventure together. We rode on an elephant, fed it shit loads of bananas and then watched a fun monkey show. After that, we decided to buzz down and relax with a fish pedicure (NOT good if you are way too squirmy). I finally managed to calm down and relax and just get done with the pedicure. The people over there were extremely friendly and it was such a nice atmosphere.
We then had an amazing lunch amongst the locale who managed to cook extremely yummy food for us at such a short notice.

As we were heading home, we decided to quickly hike to a waterfall. Wasn't such a good idea right after having such a huge meal and also getting sick (didn't know I was 4 weeks pregnant there, and it was nausea that was hitting me). I literally just flopped down on a HUGE boulder next to the waterfall and the husband decided to hike a little more. He finally got wind down and sat down on a small swing that they had made right inside the waterfall. I really wish I had the energy to go up and take pictures over there.

Next morning we took off for the airport which then took us to Phuket and we spent our days lounging, eating and relaxing over there. To be honest, I had an amazing time in Koh Samui and if circumstances ever work out, I would love to go back and explore more. Both, the husband and I aren't really partying fans so we skipped out the half moon and full moon parties. But friends who have been to the parties have always raved about it.

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