Top 5 Freebie Sites in the UK

10:06:00 AM Ayesha Farhad 0 Comments

Who doesn't love free stuff? I know we all do! But during the recent years, there is always a catch to getting the stuff. But there are definitely genuine websites available that give you guaranteed free products.

1. Gratisfaction UK

You can find so many free things on this site. There are cash back opportunities once you purchase the product, claiming samples, voucher codes and so many bargain finds! If you like free stuff UK, you definitely need to check the website out!

2. Influenster. 

Now this has made the rounds on the internet over the past year. If you are a beauty blogger, then you definitely know about it. You sign up and connect your social media accounts for a social score and then you start reviewing products. The more the activity, the easier it is for you to get free products.

3. BzzAgent

Again with this site you have to add your social score form your social media channels and wait for all the campaigns and surveys to find you on your home page! You will then be selected for a free product to review!

4. Wow Free Stuff 

Similiar to the Gratisfaction wesbite, wow free stuff also has a lot of freebies listed on their wesbite! You can find everything! From perfume samples to baby stuff and also makeup products as well!

5. Latest Free Stuff

This wesbite hosts top 20 free samples, money making ideas, discount vouchers, and a lot more! This couldnt get any better. You even get lots of restaurant vouchers as well!

These 5 wesbites are the top ones to get free samples and products and to review them! Can't get any better than this, isn't it?