6 tips for Safer Travelling with Your Little One.

A family holiday is often the time of kids’ lives, with the thrill of heading abroad and exploring new destinations. With that being said, it’s important you keep safe and secure on your travels.

Here are six essential tips for safer travelling with the little ones.

1. Choose a sensible destination.

When it comes to actually booking your family holiday, make sure you’re choosing a destination you can count on being safe. Places, where there is hiking involved or remote locations that don't cater for entertainment for the little ones, can be skipped.
Instead, opt for somewhere well-developed and resourced, such as beach towns in Europe. Spain and the Canary Islands, despite their popularity, still feel authentic and scenic enough for a getaway, whilst also being safe and built-up with the necessities you may need on a family trip, such as supermarkets and places for days out such as waterparks.

2. Always keep a close eye.

Regardless of where you are, be sure to always keep a close eye on your children. Things can happen in the blink of an eye, and if your attention is diverted your little ones could end up quickly injured or even missing.
If the latter is to happen, make sure your group clearly establishes a spot to all come back to and reunite. Choose an easily recognisable location so that if somebody is separated, you all know how to quickly get back there.

3. Bring the essentials.

Make sure you’re packing sufficiently for everyone. The kids likely aren’t old enough to do it themselves, so ensure you’ve got everything you need. And it isn’t just clothes; medication, sunscreen, entertainment and paperwork are all things you need to have with you.
In terms of medication, things such as paracetamol and travel sickness tablets always come in handy. Be sure to bring some antiseptic wipes and cream, too – one of you is definitely likely to be sporting a nasty scrape at one point or another.

4. See if vaccinations are necessary.

Before you go, check in with your doctor to inquire into whether you or your children are in need of vaccinations before travelling. Make sure you visit at least 6-8 weeks before you go, and give details on where you’re travelling to and how long you’ll be there for.
It usually depends on the location you’ve chosen for your holiday, and if the doctor determines there may be a risk to your health, a few vaccinations may be needed. Despite the potential fear of injections, it’s vital for everyone’s safety.

5. Keep them well-fed and hydrated.

A healthy diet is crucial when on holiday, despite the temptations of local treats. Although you should all be allowed to indulge at least once, make sure it isn’t a frequent occurrence. You could easily fall ill from eating too much and not drinking enough water, and the little ones will definitely avoid fruit and vegetables at all costs if it’s up to them!
Be sure to provide them with healthy meals as often as possible, limiting anything else to very infrequent occurrences. They may deem it as unfair, but to avoid any stomach upsets or sickness, it’s for the best. Also, with my recent travels, I have always found that it was easier to explore destinations when my son was well-fed which meant, he was also less cranky.

6. Pack a safety kit for them.

Why not concoct a safety kit for the kids to carry with them? It’s a beneficial thing to have in busy locations such as airports and city centres, especially with the risk of them getting lost.
In this safety kit, make sure you have your own details such as your phone number should someone find your little one and want to help. A family photo is also a great inclusion so that people know who to look out for. Also, make sure that your little ones have bands to wear that can have your phone number or other details deemed necessary so that if someone else finds your child, it's easier for them to find and contact you.

What are your top tips for safer travelling with kids? Let me know in the comments down below!


  1. You just reminded me that I need to pack a safety kit. I always travel with photos and insurance because you just never know what will come up. I'm going to use your tips for a trip we're going on, this month.

  2. All really good tips. I try to make sure each of the kids has something to keep busy and entertained.

  3. Great tips. The key is keeping the kids entertained. That sometime can be a challenge but you have some good ideas.

  4. Thanks for sharing these valuable information! You reminded me I need to get a safety kit.

  5. Great tips! Yes for safety kit, we often forget to prepare one but it should always be on the list to bring when on trip.

  6. I don't have a baby as of now but I will surely pass this post along to my friends with little ones :)

  7. Love tip number 3; carrying extra medicine and supplies is always helpful. It can be such a chore to search for specific things like contact lens solution or sanitizing wipes when in a new destination.

  8. I love all those tips I will surely share this post with my colleagues as they have kids. Thank You!

  9. All tips are great for parents! I have some cousins who work in U.S. Embassy, they know what to deal with traveling plans. Thank you for sharing :-)

  10. We have not traveled yet with our little ones. I’m looking to using your tips though when we do.

  11. I never travelled when the kids were small, I think I was scared. These are very helpful tips.

  12. To mak sure that they are well fed and stay healthy is the most important thing, I agree totally. When I first travelled with my 6 month old daughter I began to feed her breastmilk and formula mixed, to make sure she will have good food no matter what happens. I even brought my own water boiler, so I would have boiled water everywhere to mix her formula in case I get ill. Travelling with children is much more complicated than alone, but it is worth all the beautiful moments.