6 Ways to Prepare for an Occassion.

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Every girl loves a special occasion, whether it is a wedding, a ball, a birthday party, or even a simple dinner. Part of the fun, indeed sometimes the most enjoyable part, is found in the rituals we undertake to get ourselves prepared. However, with such busy lifestyles it can’t all come together at the last minute, there are some things that require preparation. This article provides six pointers to help you get prepared for that special occasion to ensure you not only look good on the outside, but you feel good on the inside too.


If it’s a truly special occasion, there’s a good chance you’re going to either buy a new outfit or dig something special out that you already own. If you are shopping for a new outfit try not to leave this until the last minute, as even with online shopping, deliveries can be delayed… and imagine if you find that perfect outfit, on the high street, and they don’t have it in the right size for you or perhaps you can’t find the right shoes to match it. Make sure you plan your shopping trip a few weeks in advance of the special event, to make sure you have found exactly what you want without any manic last minute dashes to the shops!

If you are going to dig out one of your classic outfits, then make sure you try it on well in advance, as bodies change over time. Does it still fit perfectly? Do you feel comfortable? Is there any damage from storage? Do you need to have any adjustments or repairs made to the garment? Make sure you try the whole outfit including coat, bag, and shoes a couple of weeks in advance - in order to allow for alterations to be made. Then, hang the items a few days prior, in order to be crease free, ready for the big day.


A few weeks before the event, start exfoliating your skin weekly and make sure you have a good facial routine with a decent moisturiser to rehydrate your skin… you can also treat your skin to a good natural facial mask.


Try to make any appointments you need to make in plenty of time, in case the salon is unexpectedly busy on the day you require. If you are wanting to book a wax to remove unwanted hair try to leave enough time for the redness to fade before the event. Alternatively, you can do this yourself using Vaniqa Cream for female facial hair and an epilator for unwanted body hair. This option will be a lot friendlier on your purse, but again, when using the epilator make sure you leave a day or two to allow the redness to fade.


If you are getting your nails done professionally then make sure you’re not doing this in a rush, as this way, you are less likely to chip a nail. Alternatively, make sure you have got that perfect shade from the shops and tested it out to make sure it compliments your outfit. There’s nothing worse than spending all that time on the day, painting your nails, to find it doesn’t compliment that beautiful outfit you are wearing.


If you are going to wear a new pair of shoes then make sure you get them in plenty of time so you can break them in. Wear them around the house to make sure they are broken in and don’t cause you blisters. That way you will be able to dance without any problems.


Decide in advance how you are having your hair. If you are going to do your hair yourself or get a friend or relative to do it then make sure you practice it in advance. Most updos require you to not have completely clean hair so make sure you wash your hair the day before so that it isn’t too smooth and silky. If you are having your hair loose, however, and have time to wash and dry it on the day, try to do this as late on as possible, in order for your hair to keep it’s radiant bounce and glow.

So, there you are, six things to consider in order to prepare for a big event and ensure you feel at your very best. The key point is to make sure you do things in plenty of time, as you don’t want to be rushing around in a mad dash trying to find the perfect outfit or leaving hair removal until the day before when you’re going to be red and bobbly. The last thing to consider is that you get at least eight hours of sleep the night before so you feel fresh, bright and alive for the big event.

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