Baby essentials: Things I am Glad I bought, Regret and Wish I had bought.

When you become a new parent, you want to buy each and everything that you think is going to make your life easier for you as a parent, things that will help the baby and so on. But ever so often, after we have settled into the 'new' parent phase, we realise that we really didn't require certain items or we are glad that we got them or wished we had bought them.

So after four years of being a first-time parent and also in the process of moving houses and going through mounds of things that I feel I could have saved a fortune on, here is a small list of things of the essentials that I think were a blessing for me, things that I wished I hadn't bought and stuff that I regret not buying.


1. Maternity bras: By the end of the 5th month, I was ever so itchy under my breast area and I just wanted to roam around braless all day. And I used to do that all the time but while going out, I just wanted to throw on something really comfortable that wasn't padded or wired. So I bought a 5 pack of maternity bras off amazon and I swear, I still feel that they were my best purchase EVER.

2. Breast Pump: This thing saved my life big time! I had a very low supply of milk through my entire breastfeeding time and while my son was naturally feeding, I didn't really know how much he was drinking or was he just comfort feeding? So off ran my husband to the nearest Babies R Us and picked up an electric breast pump. Things were so much easier then. I always used to make sure that I had ample supply in the fridge so if I was way too tired or if I had errands to run or just a girls night out, my husband could feed him with that supply. It made life so so much easier. 

3. Carrier/sling: I do wish that I had got a sling but the carrier worked a treat. We got the Baby Bjorn carrier which has a back support strap as well so that the strain doesn't break your lower back. One, I didn't have to drag the pushchair along with its gazillion attachments for daily grocery runs and two, there was a time when my son became super clingy. So much that it became really really hard to even just get up and go to the kitchen to get some food for myself. The carrier then came in handy. I used to wear him around the house doing my chores and it was relatively less stress-free since he wasn't crying all the time and I didn't have to keep checking up on him every few minutes. 

4. Pacifier thermometer: My son HATED getting his temperature measured. The ear thermometer made him cranky and the regular ones were just useless for me. So I got recommended the pacifier thermometer. It just fit so nicely in his mouth and it tricked him into thinking that it was a regular pacifier so that worked a treat for me! 

5. Swaddle blankets: There is quite a big debate on whether small children should be swaddled or not but in out South-Asian culture, most of the kids are swaddled to as to mimic the mummy's tummy environment for the baby. We got the muslin cloth ones that were easy to wrap around and were of a very breathable material so my son didn't feel really hot. Plus, I remember my son used to sleep so soundly while he was wrapped like a little burrito. If swaddling didn't really work, then baby sleep music also known as white noise used to work a treat for him! 

6. Door jumper: I have recommended this to so many people, and they always come back to thank me for the recommendation. As soon as Azlan turned 5 months, we got a door jumper and it kept him entertained for a good hour. It made his feet stronger and he always knew I was around so the cranky bit was over. 


1. Cot: This one is the biggest regret of mine. We got a travel cot (thank goodness for that) but my son literally refused to sleep in anything that remotely resembled a cot. I do wish that we had got the extended co-sleeper but doesn't really matter. We co-slept all through the initial years and still do sometimes. But the cot was the biggest regret ever. And it still sits in the shed till date.

2. Lined Pampers/Cloth Diapers: I laugh at myself sometimes. I know there are people who are more towards green living and less waste, but seriously, my son hated the cloth diapers. I do not have the patience to wash clothes every day (living in the UK means raining all year round), plus they leaked so much. And if he ever did his explosive poo antic, it was a nightmare washing it up. So we conveniently switched back to diapers. 

3. Walker: Since we got the Jumperoo, my son loved it so much but he actually hated the walker. My husband got a really cool car inspired one but it just didn't work well with him. Again, it still sits in my shed gathering dust, wondering if I will ever use it with my next child.

4. Bottle warmers: What the hell are these? They didn't do jack for keeping the bottles warm! I feel that they just are just an added expense to the crazy amounts we spend on a baby! 


1. Baby monitor: This is one thing that I really really wish I had invested in. But at that time we just lived in a ground floor house, so it didn't feel really necessary but man, it was a hassle to having to check up on him every few minutes because I thought he might be up and in turn I used to wake him up with all the tip-toeing and creaking doors. 

2. Stroller Footmuffs: The number of times, I broke down crying because my son wouldn't wear his pram suit and we were always getting late for something or the other, is just crazy. And the amount of times we have lost his favourite blankets because they would just slip down the stroller and go unnoticed. The ones from babythingz who are the retailers of cosytoes are my favourite! They are the cosiest most ever!

3. Maternity jeans: Lord knows why I didn't buy them! I always used to up my size in jeans and then wear them uncomfortably around! So many websites have amazing maternity jeans and it makes me want to have a bump again haha!

4. Self-warming and colic bottles: I stated above that I hated the bottle warmers. But I regret not buying the self-warming bottles. I used to dread waking up in the night and zombie-ing myself to the kitchen to warm up my son's bottles. These look like heaven sent and I will definitely be buying them with baby number 2. 
Also, Azlan's colic went undiagnosed so we just kept on feeding him with the regular bottles but then my sister told me about the anti-colic bottles but by then it was way too late and his colic was nearly gone and it seemed like a futile investment so later in his baby years!

At the end of the day, every baby is different. And things like a small swing set, bath chair, steriliser set, corner bumpers and other essentials are a must. Trial and error work with everyone like it did for me. Not all babies require the same. Some may require swaddling while some might hate it. Some mothers hate electric pumps and love the manual ones while vice versa for many mothers. A few of my friends hated the electric breast pumps and loved the manuals. You have to learn through all the good and bad and see what suits you and your baby's lifestyle. 


  1. Your post is brilliant and really matches my own thoughts. It was very good remembering some of the good things. You have another fan and a reader here.

  2. This made me laugh, I tried cloth diapers and they worked really well for a while, but I found the constant washing an added stress for me that I didn't need. We never bought a cot and instead used ones passed down, but my youngest liked to co-sleep, so I'm glad we didn't buy one. Our carrier was such an amazing investment and always kick myself for not buying one with my eldest.

  3. THIS IS SO adorable, I may save this! I had a miscarriage quite recently so any baby news I am weeping haha you're so lucky !!!! how are u?! hahaha cloth diapers xxx

  4. Great informative post. I definitely agree with u about the bottle warmer its useless invention and one item that we used once and got rid of. We had a both a walker and a jumperoo and the jumperoo got used the most we definitely wouldn't get a walker next time round.

  5. I'm not a mom yet (and I don't really plan to for the next years :D) but i think a baby monitor is a must! At least that's what I learned from my aunt.. It's really helpful. Loving your post! So informative!

  6. Ban on post for many to-be moms! I too regret getting cot for my son as he never slept in it. We always co slept:). Also walkers, I feel happy that we dd not bring it on the advice of our family doctor. He started walking within 11 months without walkers.

  7. As you said everybody is different so you have to buy things when the situation occurs and you can't always predict the things you need x

  8. When my kids were little the best purchase I made was our stroller. If they were fussy, or the weather was nice, or we needed something from the grocery, or if .. we went for a walk. Also onesies. I bought them by the 10-pack and the kids wore them alone in the summer and under things in the winter. x

  9. This is a great list! I have two kids and realize the amount of unnecessary items we get. I never used baby monitor much in a small house. How did you even get by with out maternity jeans!?! I couldn't get past 3 mos in regular clothes.

  10. I'm an adult and I still hate getting my temperature taken! It's amazing now what kinds of gadgets you can get to make things easier.

  11. It seems there are lots of things needs to consider when having a baby. Thanks for your inputs. Now I need to make an advance list for my own.

  12. As a new mom I agree with almost everything here! The jumperoo has been such a huge hit with my baby. Most people including the Paed don't recommend the walker anymore, so probably a good thing that your baby doesn't like it :)

    xx, Kusum |

  13. One of the things I considered buying but glad I didn't is a jogging stroller. While they are nice in theory, the reality is that they're big, bulky, and won't be used very often in many cities where running routes and weather aren't accommodating.


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