5 ways to accessorise a man's outfit.

Gone are the days when men could just throw on a t-shirt with jeans and still think they looked dressed up. Over the past few years, men's fashion has evolved so much that there are enough accessories for the man's wardrobe than a woman's if, not less. There are so many affordable designer men's accessories that can create an outfit that has such a put-together-off-the-runway effect!

Here are some tips to dress up a simple outfit and look like you have made an effort without even doing so.

1. Scarf. 

The scarf is such an understated accessory. It is understandable if you are taking a scarf to keep yourself warm but if you want to look more presentable, you can always hang your scarf around the neck and over your coat. It gives your clothing an oomph of statement and sophistication.

2. Suspenders.

Over the last three years, the rise of 'hipster clothing' has been normalised. Wearing suspenders over a shirt makes all the difference to your outfit. You can wear chinos with an informal shirt with rolled up sleeves and put on a suspender and you immediately create an outfit that is fit for a gentleman.

3. Bags.

I think Joey from Friends made us all accept that bags aren't just for the women. They look good on men as well. And hey, they can carry a bouquet of flowers as well! Besides carrying flowers, you can keep your essentials like a small umbrella (London people, raise your hands), iPod, wallet, phone, keys, gloves, a good book if you travel on the tube a lot (I like to turn pages, but if you are a kindle person, by all means, carry that too). There are so many versatile styles out there; you don't have to carry a duffle bag around, there are crossbody bags, shoulder bags, and sports bags available that can match your sense of style.

4. Beanies/hats.

There are a lot of men that don't like wearing hats, like my husband, but I have noticed that accessorising with a hat or a beanie brings such a statement to your outfit. Slouchy beanies worn with denim jackets layered up are a classic. Or if you aren't such a beanie fan, you can wear a newsboy cap which again brings so much variety to the daily rut of an outfit.

5. Knitwear.

My husband used to have a personal grudge against knitwear but once I forced him to but a knitted jumper and it was only a fiver so he gave up on my whims. Next thing I know, this guy literally lives in knitted jumpers. Knitted jumpers layered with a semi-formal shirt look amazing. If you are out and about your town or out for a casual lunch, knitted jumpers make the best outfit. You can wear it with chinos or your favourite jeans and still look like you have made an effort to dress up.

An outfit should not have to be boring for any men. One should look forward to dressing up. For me, dressing up makes at least half of your personality. I love men who make sure that they dress well. What do you think about men who take the time out to think about their outfit?


  1. Some fantastic tips here! My husband carries a bag similar to the one in the photograph with all his must have items for work!

  2. I take it by suspenders you actually mean braces? My husband doesn't do accessories although I have bought him a man bag for work

  3. i have always had something for hats and men wearing them! so elegant! true that men don't often accessorizes! watches are nice too!

  4. I love the style of the knitwear. My husband just received two types of knitwear this Christmas. At first I didn't think he liked it but he styled it very well.

  5. These are all great looking ideas, very stylish and handsome little accessories. I think the guy in the top picture is looking smart!!!

  6. Great tips. I work for a men’s luxury retail boutique for about five years and just get saying to myself, YESSSS girl! Haha

    The duffle bag as an accessory is one of my all time faves.

    Aïchatou Bella


  7. I am loving all of these tips, I do love good knit wear on men and a good scarf too

  8. These are some great tips to accessorise mans outfit. I will definitely share this with my boyfriend. He will love this for sure.

  9. Some great tips - love the scarf and also the bag which is a notch up from the usual sports bag.

  10. Yes, yes, YES!!! I love styling men's wear! I have been dressing my husband and a few of his pals for years! I love suspenders and awesome socks! A scarf is definitely a must have for the cooler temps too!

  11. Men’s style is so interchangeable! I love all of the tips.

  12. Menswear is so easy to style, but I love a scarf on a man!

  13. I never thought of any of these accessories to dress up a mans outfit. I love the scarf and knitwear look with the mans outfit! I would add watches to this list, my husband loves to accessorize his outfits with watches.

  14. Angela Ricardo Bethea3 January 2018 at 12:36

    Man can also be in a style and this is such a great tips. I will definitely show this to my husband.

  15. These are some great tips. I just got a nice leather bag and I'm glad to hear that I'm in style :)