Getting Christmas ready with Alexander Dobell.

01 December Ayesha Farhad 0 Comments

Shopping for boys is one of the hardest challenges in my life. I couldn't even finish buying something for my husband when my little one came along. When he was an infant, that was fine. Like, everything didn't end up in a meltdown when I made him wear anything remotely pink. But now four years later, all of a sudden its like a battle dressing up in the morning for school. There are tantrums, bribery, threats, tears, sighs of relief, fear of finding a hole in the sock. It is a whole level of chaos in my house every day.

But when it comes to formal wear, life becomes so much easier. Throw on a white shirt, a tux some shoes and we are on the road. There is no window of throwing a tantrum, except when you're trying to find the perfect tux. So when Alexander Dobell asked us to choose a tux from their website, I instantly took the opportunity instead of having an emotional break-down in one of the trying rooms of Next.

The single-breasted tuxedo has such a beautiful classic fitting. It comes with half lined unhemmed trousers (win-win) with a quarter inch of satin side stripe detailing. It is so well stitched and looks way more expensive than it actually costs! The detailing has been well-taken care of and has contrasting jetted pockets on the inside as well.

My son is quite on the thinner side so seeing the adjustable waists of the pants made me really happy. At least that meant, me not having to run around pulling his pants up every 5 minutes. The unhemmed trousers also worked a treat since I could easily hem them according to his height. The only downside that I would say or maybe my son is a little petite, it was a teeny bit big on him. But I am hoping that he fits into it right after the holidays since there are a few events lined up.  I ordered a size 4 in the beginning (Azlan was going to be 4 in two months at that time) but it was a little too big on him and the exchange for a size 3/age 3 was so smooth, it was like a dream!

There is a huge variety of tuxedos, dinner jackets, Christmas jumpers on their website so make sure you check it out. They not only deal with boys clothing but also cater to men as well.