Lessons You Learn while Parenting a Boy(s).

Parenting ain't easy. And if you have a boy, good luck. From what I have generally observed, girls are much more calmer. They know how to relax. Boys, on the other hand, don't understand the word calm. It doesn't exist in their dictionary. Plus cherry on top is when your son is accompanied with a man-child in the house.

Four years have passed since I gave birth to my son and I have learned quite a few things in life.

1. You are ALWAYS going to be stepping on Legos. I have now become so immune that I unintentionally skip around the house in case I step on a lego or something so small that even a magnifying glass wouldn't pick up.

2. The toilet seat will ALWAYS be up. If you find the toilet seat down, you need to check before sitting, or you will be scarred for life.

3. Pockets will have anything and everything. I have made it a point to check the pockets before putting anything in the laundry. Rocks and twigs are a frequent occurrence while I may have also found some random dead dandelions in the pocket as well.

4. A full-blown conversation about farts will not gross you out anymore. That's true. And how explosive your poop was. Or how many poos did you do in one go. It is all going to be very graphic. And it might come up in a random conversation at the dinner table.

5. A paleontologist has got nothing on you. You know more about dinosaurs than any expert out there. A triceratops? Pfft. You can name them with your eyes closed. This also goes with types of vehicles as well. You might yell 'oh look a fire truck' even when your child isn't there.

6. You have stopped sitting on the floor. Why you ask? Because you fear that a masked super-hero will land on you and that too very violently.

7. You secretly roam around girl's clothing aisles. I know I have, Ooh-ing and aah-ing over the crazy amount of selection the stores carry. It takes you about an hour to leave that aisle and you end up finishing the boy's clothing aisle within 5 minutes.

8. You can easily go to the cinema to watch a super-hero movie. If you are big on Avengers or any other super-hero movie, your son will happily tag along and won't disrupt the entire cinema. I went to the Imgworld last year in Dubai and there was a 3D screening of Avengers going on. Sadly my son was 5 inches short to go on the ride. The entire ride I felt a pang of guilt that he couldn't be there. He would've enjoyed so much!

9. 'Get dressed' means running around naked. Why does this happen with boys? Every time I lay out his clothes and tell him to get dressed, he will run around the house butt naked until I have to yell or threaten him!

10. There is never a dull moment. Boys come up with the funniest shit ever! You will laugh at their antics all day long and it won't bore you for a second ever. Random hugs during the day and sloppy kisses before anyone sees them are a part of the fun bundle! Also, where do they get their energy from?  It is true: Mom of boys work from sun up till sun down!

He's four! I still have a hard time gripping that fact. I feel like I was pregnant just yesterday. The picture on the canvas is from his first birthday and we kind of replicated this on his fourth birthday! Photowall were kind enough to send me a personalised canvas and I chose this picture! I absolutely love the quality of the printing but since it came unassembled, I had a hard time putting it together since the slates were a little off. But nonetheless, love this picture! I might just do a picture-ception every four years haha!