5 Cosy Outfit Ideas for a Date Night.

I am all about comfort over fashion. You will NEVER see me in something that I am uncomfortable in. I love wearing clothes that make me feel confident in them. Although I do experiment with my clothes but there are times when I don't bother. And when you are the kind of person who prefers comfort over fashion, you are limited to a certain dress code.

But there are so many ways you can style your outfit. Here are my top 5 cosy outfit ideas:

1. Fur.

Fur always perks up any kind of look. In fact, on our first date, I wore a fur gilet with an all-black outfit and absolutely loved it. I felt so comfortable and didn't feel the need to shift in my place all the time. When you are comfortable in your clothes, you can focus on other things like conversation and eating your food properly so that it doesn't go all over your clothes (yup, I am that kind of person).

2. Skirts.

I am a very midi skirt kind of person. It gives the most amazing Parisian vibes and looks flirty yet comfortable. Pairing it with the right jumper can make your outfit jazz up! Warmer/Dark colours like deep reds, dark blue or even metallic colours like silver or rose gold would look amazing! You can pair it with gorgeous heels or if you are my kind of person, boots would look perfect!

3. Jumper Dress.

Nothing and I mean nothing beats a good jumper dress with knee-high boots. It gives such a Victoria Beckham vibe! You can accessorise the look with a chunky scarf or a statement necklace and it would instantly glam up the look.

4. Leather Jackets.

There is so much that you can style with a leather jacket. A plain white shirt with ripped denim jeans. Or a tulle skirt with a plain t-shirt. A little black dress with a leather jacket. Everything goes. And that the beauty of it!

5. Culottes.

There is nothing as comfortable as culottes. But I won't classify this as a first date outfit. Preferably a third or fourth date outfit. You can pair culottes with anything. Jumpers, t-shirts, shirts, leather jackets, literally anything! And that is what I love about them. I am slowly venturing into wearing culottes more often and it's totally in my comfort zone and definitely looks posher and yet flirty.

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