5 Ideas for the Conservatory in your Home.

So everybody in my family knows how big of a fan I am of conservatories! Attic bedrooms and conservatories have always been my obsession! The sunlight pouring in during the day is just absolutely magical for me! I love open and cosy spaces. Spaces where you can do your own thing and be comfortable! Living in London, everyone knows what its like: Raining all the time. And to actually sit in a comfortable chair while you sip your chai, work on your blog and have junk loads to eat is my ABSOLUTE dream. And if you quickly run off to my Pinterest, you will know how much I love interiors.

So here are my top 5 conservatory inspirations that you can do with your conservatory.

1. Dining area.

Although living away from family has its downside but imagine having a HUGE family dinner and having your dining area in the conservatory. I love the idea of having ceiling lights and fairy lights to make it more magical. Imagine how cosy it would look! Everybody eating and just having a ball of a time. I love hosting lunch parties and this area would be just the perfect place to have everyone get down on their lunch!

2. Playroom.

To be very very honest, this is something that I would do but there are a lot of people that are confined to playing area for their children and this would just work a treat! I know my son loves open spaces as well and for kids to have lots of light pouring in and a conservatory leading to their backyard would just be that magic in their life.

3. Office/Studio place.

Good ideas come to me when I am at ease and peace! Literally the most loved posts on my blog come to me when I am in a quiet room with no toys banging on my chair. One of the main reasons why my blog has been quieter than usual is because since we are shifting, all my son's toys are in the living room and he prefers to play there only! Any window looking out to some kind of greenery is my ideal working space!

4. Cosy sitting area.

Like I mentioned above. I love a cosy sitting area. Thankfully, we have a little extended space in the new house that we are shifting in and it is just the perfect spot ever. The dining area has a small UK made bifold door area that separates that corner spot from the whole hustle bustle of the house. I literally can not wait to actually move in and start decorating! I could literally spend the whole day there, sipping on my various chai sessions and reading a book! BEST. THING. EVER.

5. Family room.

If you are confined with space, you can always extend the conservatory into a family room where everyone can just chill on the sofa and watch television and just do their own thing! Kids can do their homework or just do after school activities and the whole room can buzz with such a homely atmosphere!

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