6 Crucial Steps to Introducing a Pet to Your Kid

Before adopting a new pet, it is crucial to take measures to prepare yourself, your home, and your kids for its arrival. This will help make the transition as stress-free as possible. A reputable pet supply store in Dubai shares how to properly introduce a new pet to your kids.

Step 1: Talk to Pet Owners 

Prior to introducing a pet to your home, you must do your homework and plan accordingly. Speak with families who have pets and learn about their adoption experience. Also, ask about their pet care daily routine.

Moreover, consider the temperament and age of your kids. If your children are too young and active, an adult cat can be a great option. As you are explaining the commitment and responsibilities of a taking care of a pet to your kids, highlight some of the ways they can be a part of the caring process. Remember, though, that all pet-related responsibilities must be supervised by an adult.

Take your kids to visit a home of another family with pets. During these visits, teach them how to properly interact, how to nicely care for the pet, and how to behave. These visits will be a great time for you to determine if your kids are ready to live with a pet.

Step 2: Set Rules 

Dogs, cats and other pets are adorable and furry, but they are also a breathing life that must be handled with care. Emphasize to your kids that the animal is not a toy, and establish a set of rules for the pet and your children.

Rules regarding the new pet may include keeping the cat (or dog) indoors only, and its litter box in the basement. Rules for your children include not wrestling with the pet at any time and not pulling or tugging at the cat’s or dog’s tail. Furthermore, teach your children not to place their hands on the pet’s face or even touch the pet while the pet is eating.

Step 3: Choose a Family Pet 

Once you are sure that your home and kids are ready to adopt a pet, determine which type of pet you can handle. When choosing a dog, go for breeds with friendly temperaments. Opt for one that is sturdy and large enough not to be injured by your child, but not so large that it can knock your kid down even by accident.

Finding a good match is crucial because you are making a commitment to the pet’s entire lifespan which can last for more than 14 years for dogs. Canine rescue organizations screen dogs and families for a suitable fit so they are among the best resources for pets with a child-friendly track record. Also, your vet can advise you on what dog breed is suitable for your family.

Step 4: Introduce the Pet Slowly 

Your home is a new environment for the pet, so give it space and time to transition. Prior to bringing home a pet, create a safe haven where it can stay for the first couple of weeks as it warms up to your family. Purchase the right food, treats, and other useful pet accessories from a reliable pet shop.

Slowly introduce your new pet to your kids at a snail’s pace. For the first couple of weeks, allow your kids and the new pet to spend short periods of time together so they can adjust well with each other.

Step 5: Keep a Watchful Eye 

During the first few months, don’t leave your kids unattended with the pet. Both your kids and the animal will need time to develop and learn how to play nice. Until then, always ensure that there is an adult around when your kids and the pet interact. With time and proper guidance, your little ones and your new pet will surely develop a special bond.

Step 6: Commit to Proper Pet Care 

Would you still take care of your adopted pet if you are pregnant, relocate, lose your job or if a family member developed allergies?

Once you have adopted a pet, you have agreed to properly take care of the dog or cat for the duration of their natural lifespan. Make sure you are committed to this before bringing your new pet home. If you provide a safe environment and are committed to properly care for your pet, then you are teaching your children about the importance of love and commitment.

Adopting a pet can be a fun experience, but it also comes with some challenges. Bear in mind that adapting to your pet and having them adapt to the new environment takes time – it’s not an overnight process. But by being patient and taking steps to develop a close bond, you won’t regret bringing home your newly-adopted pet.

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