5 Modest Prom Dresses that I Love.

I love modest dresses! They look absolutely amazing and truly elegant. Don't get me wrong. I love me a flirty number but a dress that drapes over your body elegantly, is definitely my favourite. With prom just getting over, I got hooked on looking at all the prom pictures and put on my granny glasses and scrutinised every single dress. Yep. I am that kind of person.

But there were very few that I actually really liked. The girls looked absolutely smashing in their prom dresses. Don't get me wrong. But I have a very peculiar style of dressing and probably will stick to that style all my life.

So I hopped onto www.promdressfinder.co.uk and here are the top 5 prom dresses that resonate with my style.

1. The navy blue flirty but lacey number.

I absolutely love this dress. It isn't too out there and I am obsessed with sequins and lace at the moment. Its full-length dress with a tulle styled bottom and a lace cut-out back with three-quarter length sleeves. One of the best things about this dress is that you won't be hanging this in the back of your wardrobe after a one time wear. You can wear it to a wedding (not yours obviously) or you can even wear it to a formal work event. Dress up or down with jewellery and shoes. Absolutely stunning.

2. Pastel mink lace dress.

I am getting so many Blake Lively feels from this dress for some reason. It is such a fun number to keep it elegant yet super comfortable. imagine dancing away the night on your prom wearing this dress. so breathtakingly beautiful. The lace makes it even more gorgeous. Again you can dress it up wearing studded shoes but for me, simple heels do the job!

3. Little black dress.

You can NEVER go wrong with black now, can you? No matter how much you try to move on to other colours, black is the only colour that instantly draws you in. How beautiful does this embellished midi dress look? If you are someone like me and hates showing off any skin above knees, this dress is perfect for you! You can even drape a little-netted cape on it to make it look even more elegant. But for me, with prom, this is stunning as it as. 

4. White goddess.

For me personally, white screams wedding. But look how gorgeous does this dress look. I mean, I am in love. if you are comfortable with wearing white to an event, this dress is the dress of what dreams are made of. Unfortunately, if you wear this to someone's wedding, they might be a tad bit angry at you, but if you look as gorgeous as you are in this dress, then does it really matter?

5. Floral party.

I am in love. This dress makes the party come to life. Like literally. Although it's not too modest, but you can keep your hair open so that it covers most of your shoulders, but seriously. HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS DRESS? It is super lightweight and perfect not only for prom but a beautiful date night out as well. I mean, I won't need to find a reason to wear this dress again and again. You can totally pair it up with satin court shoes and you will definitely be the prom queen.

*this post is in collaboration with Prom Dress Finder.

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