5 Ways how Smoking can be Harmful.

The first long deep puff that you take after lightening the cigarette gives you immense satisfaction. But when you come to think of it, smoking ruins your body and everyone else's around you. Contemplate: Is it worth smoking when you are actually harming yourself in a way you don't even know?

Here are 5 ways on how smoking is extremely harmful:

1. Lung cancer:

Smoking is the sole cause for 84% of lung cancers. You won't notice it immediately but smoking slowly rots your lungs and fails most of the organs in your body. The poison that is found in tobacco starves your organs of oxygen and it makes them too weak to work.

2. Re-production:

Smoking has proved to affect the baby's growth inside the womb. Imagine if you are starving your organs of oxygen just by smoking, what negative impact will it have on the growing SmokingMoking during pregnancy has its consequences as well. Miscarriage, premature birth, stillborn birth or low birth weight are just the few problems that can arise while smoking.

3. Outer appearances.

Not only does smoking cause your mouth to continuously smell foul, but your nails also turn yellow. The lack of oxygen in your body affects your skin as well and it constantly looks dehydrated and dull.  The process of ageing is way too fast for a person who smokes on the daily.

4. Passive smoking:

Smoking doesn't just affect the person who is actually smoking but the smoke also affects the person next to you. When they inhale the after effects, it damages their lungs as well. It is extremely harmful to smoke near a baby as well.

5. Heart attacks:

With smoking, you are also prone to more heart attacks. Smoking narrows down the arteries making it difficult for the blood to reach the heart, doubling the chances of a heart attack. You are also more prone to have breathing difficulties while exercising or doing any kind of cardio work.

If one quits smoking, their chances of having a healthy stressfree life improve. There are so many ways to quit smoking nowadays. You don't have to solely rely on nicotine patches. You can start keeping e-cigarettes with you or start vaping.

Vaping has proven to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke in one day if not totally cut it down. You can keep rechargeable vaping batteries with you to continue vaping so that in case if your vape battery runs out, you can always have a backup.

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