Choosing a Rug to Match your Floor Type.

While creating a perfect setting for a room, I have always thought of having a living room with hardwood floors with shaggy rugs to make it look cosy. I am a huge fan of cosy looking rooms! Where you place your rug is also an essential part because that would generally mean it’s the main sitting area or when you get out bed, you don’t want to place your feet on a cold floor, you definitely need a rug there.

Choosing patterns, colours, whether to layer or what size of a rug to be used, all comes later. The first thing that you need to do is to choose what type of rug will suit your floor. For example, many people forgo adding a rug to a carpeted area because what’s the use? But they don’t realise that adding an element to that carpeted area makes the room speak so much more.

Many people think that layering rugs can also add too much work in the room but with the right layering techniques, you can add zest to a tiled floor. You can use any two types of rugs to a stone-based floor: a massive jute rug with a smaller rug on top.

So what type of rugs should you be choosing for your room?

This helpful infographic from Land of Rugs will definitely help you choose the right rug for your room.

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