The Jumpsuit Edit - I am obsessed with Jumpsuits!

I am currently just sitting in my garden, wearing my jammies, listenting to Enrique and watching my son play in his paddling pool. This is what summer dreams are made of. The heat is sweltering so much that I cant even bear to dress up and go out for lunch with friends or on a family date night. But there are days when you just want to get up, challenge the heat and wear something really nice without showing too much of your skin yet being cool and comfortable in your clothes.

i am a modest dresser. I love wearing flowy clothes yet still cover myself up well. Not that body confident yet to show some skin! So having been on a very very short holiday, I put together my top 5 holiday pieces that worked well with my body shape and kept me eazy breezy.

1. Primark Jumpsuit:

I am absolutely loving jumpsuits this season. Bloody comfy and literally the best thing ever invented by humans. They are a pain to go to the toilet in especially when its a public toilet but i really dont care! I am absolutely loving this sleeveless jumpsuit from Primark but I paired it with a plain black top from h&m. Walked the streets of Paris in this heat comfortably and had a few people stop me by and ask me where my jumpsuit was from. £13

2. Monki Jumpsuit:

This was my first EVER jumpsuit that I purchased. Have never been so happy with it! I tried it in Monki the first time I visited their store and fell in love but wanted my sisters advice first so put if off buying for a few weeks. Came back to find the colour sold out so had to buy this monochrome one. But I think it all worked out for the best! Monochrome stripes are so in trend these days. This jumpsuit is comfortaable and again, very flow-y. Wore this on the screening of Tully with Channel Mum and got so many compliments over it! £29.99

3. Shein Jumpsuit/Dungarees:

If you havent watched my Shein Haul on Youtube, you are missing out on the gorgeous pieces that I picked up! This jumpsuit was one of them! I was quite skeptical about buying it but when it arrived, I instantly fell in love! I have worn this with both, a black shirt and a red one and I think both worked out really well. Not sure about the price but I think it was under £15

4. Mango Jumpsuit:

I have had my eyes on this jumpsuit since a very very long time! But when Mango had a sale, I was sure to buy this one asap! I got this in a size large and was expecting it to fit a little loose but it fit on my body shape perfectly. I did wear spanx underneath to shape my mum tum and it looked absolutely gorgeous. I dont wear tight-fitted clothes anymore because I feel like I am suffocating! But it just fit so so well. It was a little long on me (5'4) so i cut a few inches and hemmed with a hemming tape from poundland! Worked out well for me! Even my husband who NEVER comments on my clothes, had a little compliment to pay! £28

So if you are looking for modest pieces for summer, I highly suggest looking into the jumpsuit area. I have been eyeing a few more jumpsuits that I want to get my hands on and definitely going to buy them! These also work well if you have a date night with your partner or going on a first date via a dating site or if you are in the uk, you can check dating sites uk as well.