BLOGTOBER 2018 - DAY ONE: What is it and Why am I doing it?

Over the past few months, I have completely ignored my blog and for all the wrong reasons. I forgot the place where I started from and moved onto other social media channels. And if I have blogged at all in the past few weeks, it was all sponsored content and something that paid my bills but it wasn't igniting my passion for blogging. YouTube was never meant to happen but I am there. I love every minute of it but I don't really want to ignore my own blog. I don't want people to come to my blog and  think 'eh this is all mainstream Ehow website kind of stuff.' I want people to come back to my blog, relating to every single word of what I talk about regardless.

What is blogtober? Blogtober is something like vlogmas/blogmas. Blogging every single day of the month, trying to put quality content that my readers can enjoy.

So this October, I will be blogging every single day of the month. No sponsored content. No affiliate links and no ads. Just me and my blog, talking about beauty, lifestyle and parenting - what my blog truly was about. This means I will not be getting paid this month.

I am super excited about this. Initially I thought I will vlog this whole month, but I know me being me, will never have anything to do all day long and will just chill in my jammies so rather than putting up content just for the sake of it, I am going to be actually blogging about the things that I love and am passionate about.

So here goes.. deep breath. Hopefully, you will stick around and love what I love to do.

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