Autumn Lipsticks that suit Desi Skintones.

A few months back, I did a post about summer lipsticks that suit desi skin tones (South Asian skin tones). And people loved it. I got so many requests to share more posts like these so I am finally getting around doing it.

Lipstick is probably the best invention that has ever been done. Bad days call for lots of lipsticks. Getting over a heartbreak? Put on some lipstick and walk out the door. It can change a whole mood. Highlighter, not so much. Lipstick itself is a full mood.

Autumn usually calls for dark lipsticks with warm undertones. And as much as I love dark lipsticks, I don't want to look like the aunty that puts on a really dark brown lipstick and shoes up to an event. I remember one such aunty and literally because of her, I am totally put off by brown shades of lipsticks. So there are a few dark colours that don't suit South-Asian skin tones. But the ones that do, I am bringing them right to you.

Also, just for reference, I am NC-41.

1. Jeffree Star's Unicorn Blood - Liquid Lipstick.

This is such an iconic shade that will never go out of trend. It is a deep blood red shade that when applied, just brings the whole look together. You can have a full face of makeup on and this shade will completely have it snatched. You can have a no makeup makeup look and have this shade put on and it will give you the whole 'woke up like this' effect. My sister wore this on her wedding day and it looked so regal on her. Legit one of the best red shades ever.

I got this from Cult Beauty for £16.

2. Jeffree Star's Berries On Ice- Liquid Lipstick.

When you first see the shade, it looks purple. And it will show up purple on fairer skin tones. But on skin tones like mine, it will show up as a darker shade of a hot pink lipstick with a hint of purple undertone. If that makes sense? Like I had my sisters try it on and it looked purple on them but on me, it's such a beautiful shade. Not saying that it looked bad on them but they aren't really fond of darker shades. One of the best things about Jeffree Star's formula is that when you apply it, it doesn't crack up an neither does it feel heavy on the lips. It is super light and feels like I have got nothing on my lips. Although, this isn't as iconic as Unicorn Blood but definitely one of the staples. I have tried mixing it up with Gerard Cosmetic's Lip Cream in Destiny and it doubles as a fun summer shade as well.

Again, I got this from Cult Beauty for £16.

3. L'Oreal x Balmain Domination - Lipstick.

This shade is a classic red. When Loreal came out with the Balmain collection, I literally made a run to the nearest Boots and got my hands on it. It retailed for £12.99 but I had a few boots points with me so I basically got it for free. It has such a creamy texture and feels amazing on the lips. It has a bit of a scent to it that reminds me of my mum's old lipsticks but then again, when I put it on, I literally feel like Marilyn Monroe. No joke. Promise. Haha. It is THAT shade. So if you are a classic red fan, this is absolutely your colour. I remember getting my first red shade from Pakistan and I think, it was from Sweet Touch and my sister had just come up to me and told me that I looked ridiculous (you know, sister are annoying but man, they are blatantly honest). After that, I never touched a red shade until after my wedding when I got my first MAC lipstick in Russian Red. But this shade in Domination, I think is my favourite out of all the classic reds.

4. Sephora 09 RUBY - Lip Stain.

I recently got this shade as a whim purchase when I was in Sephora (Paris); husband was paying. I had heard quite a lot about Sephora's lip stains from a beauty group I follow on Facebook but never really got them since I had enough of a collection of reds. But after I picked this shade up and applied on my lips, I realised why people really rave about it. It's creamy but matte. Its thick but applies light and it has the most amazing cooling sensation on the lips AND it tastes good. I mean, I don't eat my lipsticks but, damn, this tastes good. Unfortunately, I don't remember the price but it definitely under £15

5. Huda Beauty Liquid lipstick in Cheerleader mixed with Marc Jacob Boys Don't Cry Lipgloss.

I am a fan of Huda Beauty's formula as well. They are very buttery and apply really smoothly on the lips. But Huda Beauty hasn't come out with a colour that I absolutely love. Very pink, mauve and red shades that I think many brands have the range. I was just playing around with colours and I had this very very purple shade from Marc Jacobs that I knicked from my sister's collection (don't know why?!) so I mixed these two and legit got the best autumnal shade ever. There are times when you are literally done with matte shades and this year saw a LOT OF GLOSS. I mean, from glossy skin to glossy eyelids to glossy highlight, it was all over. And I think this shade pretty much screams Autumn. I am not a fan of dark purple shades and they usually look good on people with a fairer complexion but this is just perfect for mine! 

Huda beauty Cheerleader from Harrods for £16 and Marc Jacob's Lip gloss stolen from my sister's collection.

That is all folks. What are your favourite autumnal lip shades? Would love to know your suggestions! 

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